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Where to perform a sworn translation

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If you want to know where to carry out a sworn translation, you are in the right place!
If a trip, a course and even a job outside Brazil arises, do you know what your priorities are so that everything goes well?

I bet that frequently asked questions like ticket prices, accommodation and things like that are questions you should ask yourself. However, there is another factor that should be a priority before you make the decision to leave the country, which is the sworn translation.

But what is a sworn translation?

It is a type of translation that has public faith, that is, it is legal and validated by the Law created by the State government itself. This is the translation of essential documents for any citizen such as birth, death, marriage, CNH, etc. These documents need to be up to date if you want to travel abroad.

For this there are public translators, who are qualified and trained professionals with the title of public translator and commercial interpreter. For this, they must be approved in a public contest and have their registrations in the commercial registry of the state where they live. If these documents are not translated by a qualified professional who presents the necessary records, your documents will have no value before the Union of States.

Now that you know what it is, where can you carry out a sworn translation?

When we talk about personal documents, we need seriousness and commitment. Many times great opportunities arise in our lives and we are not prepared to embrace them.

For this, it values ​​a service of quality, excellence, responsibility and fidelity.
Choose a translation services company that has highly qualified professionals and offers agility, commitment and security.

Fidelity guarantees all this for you!

Being the largest team of translators in Latin America since 1970, Fidelity has more than 150 highly qualified translators specializing in different areas, providing personalized and quality service for its clients, in addition to having international recognition in the services provided.

They are Sworn Translations, Technical Translations, Simple Translations, Document Translations and Version Translation.

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