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Technical translation

Technical translation

Understand the main concepts of technical translation and have your questions answered before hiring this service.

What is technical translation?

A Technical Translation can be either a sworn translation or not. It includes different areas of specialization, considering the terminology of each specific subject, such as legal, pharmaceutical, engineering, among others.

Therefore, technical translators should not only master a language, but also be deeply familiarized with the subject being addressed in the text. They should know the details of the area, as well as the terminology used in each sector and the culture of the target country. The terminology of a legal document, for example, is completely different from that of a technical manual or a package insert provided with a medication.

What is the difference between technical and sworn translation?

Each of these translation modalities has its own importance. They can often go hand in hand, as is the case with technical legal translations. If they are being produced to be submitted in court, for example, they can be considered to be both a technical and sworn translation.

At the end of the day, sworn translators can make both types of translation, but knowing in advance the specific purpose of a translation can help the translator choose the terms more wisely. Sworn translations have some specificities that require special attention, while technical translation may allow a little more freedom. That’s why it’s important to understand the translation production process.

What is the difference between technical and free translation?

The context and content of a text will help you distinguish between a technical and a free translation. Technical translations are required when specific topics in an area need to be translated, such as scientific papers or manuals. While free translation is associated with more informal content, such as a storybook, a recipe or a letter.

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