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Understand what free translation is and have your questions answered before hiring this service.

What is free translation?

A Free Translation, as well as a Sworn Translation, requires translators to master not only the source and target languages, but also the topic and the specific terminology. Specific terminology often includes technical or legal terminology, as addressed in the text. Basically, what distinguishes a Sworn Translation from a Free Translation is that the former is endowed with Public Faith because it is performed by a Public Translator, and the latter is not.

Translations that are not public, or if you prefer, not sworn, are known as free translations. Anyone who has the necessary expertise can do a free translation. A Sworn Translator is not required in this case. This type of translation covers a much wider range than the sworn translation, and it includes literary, scientific, advertising, technical texts and much more.

What is the difference between Free Translation and Technical Translation?

Free Translation can also be confused with Technical Translation. They are indeed related and have very similar elements. However, we can distinguish them by the context in which the text is inserted. Technical Translation is used for documents such as scientific papers, manuals and leaflets, while Free Translation is used for more informal content, such as story and recipe books, letters, and resumes. Learn more about Document Translation.

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