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When looking for a language translation service, bear the following in mind to find the right translation agency.

First, make sure that the translation agency you chose provides translation services into the language you need. Fidelity Translations provides translation services into major languages:

- English
- Spanish
- German
- Italian
- French
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Dutch
- Korean
- Russian
- Portuguese

Then, check which type of translation best suits your needs and see if the agency specializes in this service.

Fidelity works with the major types of translation: sworn translation, technical translation, free translation, and translation from Portuguese into foreign languages. Be familiarized with the specifics of each one:

A Sworn Translation is chosen whenever an official document needs to be translated, attesting to its legal validity. Examples of an official document include diplomas, declarations, powers of attorney, birth certificates, among others.

A Technical Translation can be either a sworn translation or not. It includes different areas of specialization, considering the terminology of each specific subject, such as legal, pharmaceutical, engineering, among others.

A Free Translation, as well as a Sworn Translation, requires translators to master not only the source and target languages, but also the topic and the specific terminology. This type of translation includes literary, scientific, advertising, and technical texts.

A translation can include translating a text in a foreign language into a local language or vice-versa.

Fidelity is a pioneer translation agency in Brazil and is committed to service excellence. For this reason, in addition to counting on native translators for each language, Fidelity has a team of translators who are experts in several different fields to offer high-quality translations.

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