Why Fidelity?

1. Pioneer in translations. Since 1970 translating efficiency.
Fidelity has a team of more than 150 highly qualified translators, specialized in different areas. It’s the largest team of translators in Latin America.

2. Personalized service.
Fidelity offers personalized quality service to its clients, as it has a team of well-prepared and qualified consultants.

3. It’s the largest translation company and with the best structure for translations in Latin America.
It has eight offices in the main cities of Brazil and in Miami (USA), offering high technology software, equipment and cutting-edge computer systems.

4. Confidentiality Guarantee.
Confidentiality guarantee regarding our clients’ information through our extremely safe processes.

5. Higher capacity of translation production and, consequently, shorter deadlines.
Agility in project management. Well-structured teams for several idioms and areas, following a stringent quality standard.

6. Competitive prices. Commercial conditions offering great differentiations in payment.
Differentiated business rules, with high cost-benefit ratio.

7. Stringent quality standard.
As one ATA-certified company, Fidelity has international recognition in quality terms for the services it provides.

8. Value-added services.
Electronic publishing, registry office and consular services that save time and reduce bureaucracy to clients.

Efficiency, Respect, Quality, Confidentiality, Responsibility, Trust, Credibility, Leadership, Agility, Experience, Commitment, Excellence and Fidelity. We translate these words into actions daily.

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