What is the expectation for the post-pandemic period?

Take a look at what can happen in the translation market after the pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic became one of the greatest modern challenges for humanity in many ways. 

In addition to health, the global economy is one of the main concerns as it has been struggling with quarantine measures. Borders closed, production stoppage, education, services and tourism became global concerns. 

However, the pandemic has shed light on an important fact – internet businesses are the most prepared and adaptable under any conditions. 

For the translation market, this means high demand since entrepreneurs try to reach new markets with a larger audience on the web, which increases the need for more marketing content and documents in several languages.

How will COVID-19 affect the translation market?

The current situation with the translation and language market is ambivalent. It all depends on the company, its location and the response to the situation. Those who had the technical possibility and managed to organize the effective work process from home now remain at the top. 

The whole world is now at home, thus boosting the development of internet commerce and entertainment. YouTube, Netflix, social media and Amazon, for example, witness an increase in the number of users and customers. 

This gives rise to the need for more content globally. It is good news for translation services, since their assistance will be more requested and work will be more easily organized remotely.

Increased Chinese translations

Chinese translators will be especially sought after. There are several reasons behind this: because of the economic gap formed during the quarantine, China is recovering after the epidemic and now needs to quickly recover its position as a global producer and exporter. 

Another reason is the active exchange of experiences in combating the virus and treating patients, which encourages a global discussion and exchange of information between researchers in health, virology, immunology, epidemiology, etc. 

Therefore, a higher demand can be expected for medical translators and field knowledge will certainly be very welcome. 

Since there are not so many such translators, experts in related disciplines now have a good opportunity to expand their skill set and meet the high demand for work. 

Popular translation services now and in the near future

Just as the Chinese translation will become more popular in the future, other languages Spanish and Italian will have an increased demand. 

Services distribution in the industry may also change its usual standard. Here is a list of translation services in higher demand during and after the quarantine:

Translation of documents

This type of translation is always popular. There is currently a high demand for sworn translation of documents for government announcements, information provided by non-governmental organizations, such as WHO, as well as counseling materials such as brochures and newsletters. 

In addition, soon the recovery from the pandemic will force companies to seek new business partners and expand the variety of goods and services provided, which requires the signing of new commercial contracts and various agreements.

Marketing translation

Due to quarantine, people are not advised to leave unless there is a real need. Many stores, cafes, restaurants and other similar businesses need to find new ways to reach their customers. 

Therefore, e-commerce, as well as several other online services, such as restaurant deliveries, are growing and need more publicity. Entrepreneurs are trying to reach a wider range of consumers, so they need the best business translation services, in addition to product description translation, ad localization, among others.

Medical translation

Because COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new virus, the coronavirus has not been well studied. Researchers and doctors now quickly produce information and studies about it, some of which can be crucial in the fight against the pandemic. 

The global health sector needs to be informed about the latest discoveries related to the new coronavirus, in order to know how to prevent its spread and treat patients in the most effective way.

This ends up generating the demand for certified translation of medical articles, research, articles in scientific journals, etc.

What has changed in a translator’s routine?

Fortunately, the work of a translator is very flexible and it is possible to continue working during quarantine. With the internet, it is easy to keep in touch with your team or your customers via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. 

However, translators not used to working remotely may consider having to stay at home very challenging. Any job that requires writing requires concentration and a comfortable work space. Here are some tips to remain productive while working at home:

Prepare a schedule

The time spent at work must be appropriately distributed and have some limits. 

It is much easier to take control of work at home when you have a clear agenda.

Define specific deadlines

Large projects must be divided into stages. 

Correct planning is key to a normal workflow. By setting your own deadlines, you will not finish a project at 5 AM while drinking your fourth cup of coffee.

Don’t multitask

Don’t try to cook your lunch while working: multitasking is wrong and unproductive. Your meal or work will suffer the consequences. 

The core of multitasking is not to do several things at the same time, rather to switch from one activity to another, which decreases attention, speed and effectiveness.

Limit work and life

Don’t try to work during your leisure time. Keep a balance and set specific limits. Don’t let work get in the way of your life and vice versa. 

During work, forget about clothes, dishes in the sink and the like. When the work day is done, switch to home mode.

Pioneering in a positive path for the post-pandemic

Although COVID-19 will not exist forever, it will have a lasting effect in the way translators will operate in the future.

For the translation market to evolve and show cutting-edge value, experience and interpretation, organizations and professionals need to be resilient, flexible and able to meet the demands of today’s digital world.

So, if you happen to need a translation service now, always rely on an expert.

Fidelity Translations is a reference when it comes to translations and is 100% able to meet your demands. Contact us today.

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