Translating an academic transcript: how does it work? Do I need to have other documents translated as well?

Understand how the translation process works for this and other academic documents, in addition to any other document you might need to study abroad

Do you want to go on a student exchange program and study abroad? If you said yes, you probably have already Googled it and found out your academic transcript needs to be translated by a sworn translator to be valid in your destination.

This is a special service known as sworn translation or public translation. This type of translation follows standardized characteristics and can only be provided by duly qualified professionals. It can be used for other documents too.

Learn more about the exchange program market in Brazil, how sworn translations work and other documents that might need translation in this case.

How interested are Brazilians in exchange programs?

Very interested, and such interest tends to increase even further. According to data from the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (Belta), the education market grew 23% in 2017.

This made it possible for Brazil to have 302,000 students outside the country, a quite significant number, indicating Brazilians are highly interested in taking educational programs abroad.

Belta also found out that investments made to study abroad in 2017 increased 12%. As a result, the mean investment in that year was USD 9,989.00, equivalent to BRL 33,037.00 based on the late December foreign exchange rate (BRL 3.30).

With these significant figures, Brazilians turned over between USD 2.7 billion and USD 3 billion in educational programs during the whole year of 2017.

It is possible to say that this might have been sparkled by constant growth, which was already observed in 2016, when the mean investment of Brazilians in exchange programs was USD 8,902, 82% higher than the amount invested in 2015.

Brazilians that go on an exchange program have different goals – second-language acquisition, learning combined with a temporary job, undergraduate programs, professional certification, among others. But all of them help create better job opportunities.

Is it mandatory to have your academic transcript translated?

An academic transcript is mandatory when the student has to show evidence of his or her level of education in the country of destination. The original document only cannot attest it as it has been written in a different language.

Those planning to apply for Science without Borders or to study abroad must have that in mind. Not having your academic transcript translated can negatively affect your exchange program.

Also, learn about the most common documents requiring translation so that you can have them ready in time. For an exchange program, the documents usually required include:

– High school completion certificate;
– Higher education completion certificate;
– School transcript;
– Academic transcript;
– School syllabus;
– Academic syllabus;
– Research project description.

Undergraduate certificate, transcript and syllabus are required when a post-graduate program is pursued, in addition to other academic information. Additionally, these documents can change from country to country and depending on the educational institution.

They have to be accompanied by their respective sworn translations to be legally valid. The original document or the translation alone cannot be used separately.

The only exception in the translation of academic transcripts and other documents written in Portuguese is when they have been issued by another country, but written in the same language, as this will not interfere in content understanding.

A sworn translation is not necessary for countries of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), which includes Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, and East Timor.

This was determined in the 18th Virtual Plenary, upon request of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, held thanks to the concerns of CPLP regarding the fact that Brazilian courts and judges were demanding the sworn translation of documents that had already been written in Portuguese.

What is a sworn translation?

It is an official translation. Differently from other types of translation, whose purpose is to translate contents from one language to the other, a sworn translation is legally valid and is provided for in Decree No. 13609/43.

For this reason, academic transcripts and other documents must be translated by a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC) that has passed a public examination and has been qualified by the Commercial Board of their state of residence.

This step is necessary as sworn translators can attest the validity of their translations based on government authorization.

Among the terms most used in sworn translations we can mention: signature authentication, copy authentication, notarization, legalization, consular authentication, authenticity confirmation, among others, which indicate the specificity of the area.

A sworn translation has a standard layout and contains all the information found in the original document. The layout of sworn translations is always the same, regardless of what the original counterpart looks like.

Once a document is translated by a sworn translator, it has the same legal value in the destination country as the original document in the country of origin. This ensures the information contained in the translation has been attested and accepted.

Hire a sworn translation service and meet all the legal requirements for your exchange program

People may get so excited about traveling abroad that they forget about the necessary paperwork. Remember to get everything arranged in time to ensure a smooth application process.

When planning your trip, learn about the documents required by the educational institution and hire a sworn translation service in advance. Everything will be ready in time and you will have no setbacks.

Whether you want to have your academic transcript or any other document translated, hire a professional sworn translation service, provided by a reliable and experienced agency. Then, you can enjoy your international journey thoroughly.

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