Thinking about getting a master’s in Portugal? Check our tips

We have 5 tips for you to qualify even more and attend a master’s in Portugal

A master’s degree in Portugal combines academic excellence and an enviable climate to present an inviting opportunity to study abroad.

It is no surprise that the country’s sun, sea and beautiful cities have made it a popular choice for students from all over the world, welcoming more than 22,000 international students.

With this in mind, we decided to list some of the best tips if you plan to attend a master’s in Portugal. Check them out:

1 – Enjoy a first class educational system

The Portuguese higher education system has much to be proud of. The oldest university in the country – the University of Coimbra – was founded in 1290. This makes it one of the first universities in Europe.

Its beautiful campus has now been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other Portuguese universities also perform well in several international rankings.

Here are some of the best reasons to consider a master’s degree in Portugal:

  • Global perspective: Portugal’s position on the European border and its global trade and exploration history also give it an excellent international perspective. This guarantees strong relations with Portuguese-speaking nations and communities around the world;
  • Monthly payment: Along with the relatively low cost of living, the average annual tuition at a university in Portugal is around 1,250 euros, making it an accessible country to study;
  • Language: Portuguese is the sixth most spoken native language in the world, so any domain in that language you have will be useful worldwide;
  • Lifestyle: Portugal is close to the top in several quality of life metrics. This includes high levels of political stability, freedom of the press, environmental performance and low crime rates.

2 – You can study at a famous university

As we said above, Portugal has one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1290 – the University of Coimbra -, known for having some of the best academic programs in the world in Law, Sociology and Philosophy.

In addition to the University of Coimbra, other Portuguese universities present in the world university rankings are:

  • Polytechnic of Leiria;
  • Aveiro University;
  • University of Lisbon;
  • University of Porto;
  • University of Minho;
  • NOVA University Lisbon.

The University of Coimbra and the University of Porto have the largest number of international students, but all Portuguese universities have extensive and well-developed services especially dedicated to foreign students.

If you plan to attend a master’s degree in Portugal, you should also know that some of the most popular study subjects include:

  • History;
  • Business;
  • Social Sciences.

However, you can find courses in almost all areas of interest in Portugal, you just have to do some research.

3 – Don’t worry about the weather and enjoy the territory

The long, hot summer seasons are balanced by short, rainy winters. Well, it is even difficult to call them “winters”, as the average temperature during the cold season is around 16°C.

Of course, there is a risk that you will feel that you are always on vacation instead of dedicating yourself to your studies. But really, who wouldn’t want that?

When the weather is nice, you can use school holidays and free time to explore Portugal’s wonderful landscapes – it’s student life and tourism altogether.

Portugal is home to fifteen UNESCO World Heritage sites, including museums, ancient churches and medieval castles. The breathtaking landscapes of the North Douro Region and the beaches of the South will leave you speechless.

Not to mention the Azores and Madeira Island, far from the mainland. There are still the historic sites of Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Palmela, Évora and historic forts transformed into villages, like Almeida.

5 – Try delicious and unique food and wines

Food and wine are serious things in Portugal. Cod is by far the most famous ingredient in the country and the Portuguese say that there are 1001 ways to prepare it. However, it is not just cod that makes Portuguese cuisine special: pork and goat meat are also very popular and easily found in restaurants.

What about the wine? Well, each area says it has the best wine. There is the world famous Port Wine and Moscatel de Setúbal. The reality is that the options are endless. You may need to spend some time and experiment for yourself.

How to apply for a master’s in Portugal?

Applications for masters courses in Portugal must be made directly at the chosen higher education institution.

Confirmation of enrollment in a course will be required for some visa applications, so you should try to start the process as soon as possible.

Admission requirements

Admission to a second cycle master’s program will usually require that you have a relevant undergraduate degree.

Portugal’s participation in the Bologna Process means that the recognition of other European nations qualifications will, in general, be automatic.

Diplomas from outside Europe may need to be formally recognized by a responsible body within its potential Portuguese university or policy.

Competitive admissions

Some courses at Portuguese institutions limit places through a numerus clausus quota system. This ensures that only students of a sufficiently high standard are admitted and that candidates do not exceed the vacancies.

There are often separate quotas for international students. However, your application can still be assessed against other potential candidates for your course. In some cases, an entrance exam may also be applied.

This more competitive application process can seem daunting, but you should face it as an opportunity. Getting a spot in such circumstances increases the value of your diploma and admits you to a higher education system in which student status is a sign of respect.

Ready to attend a master’s in Portugal?

Portugal has a lot to offer for international students, inspiring the mind and the senses.

Therefore, it is time to find the right study program for you and get ready to explore this study destination and, in the process, rediscover yourself.

Don’t forget that you will need to have translated copies of your documents to start your application. When this time comes, reach out to your reliable expert: Fidelity Translations.

We will make sure the sworn translation process of your documents runs smoothly. You can rest easy while preparing for your new adventure.

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