Learn about the importance of technical translation in times of pandemic

Find out how this service can help spread crucial information during the pandemic

A lot has changed with the new coronavirus: social contact, hygiene habits, the routine, and even the way businesses and countries relate are no longer the same.

Faced with a global health crisis, government officials and researchers have mobilized to find the best ways to fight this situation.

In this scenario, technical translation has been shown to be one of the most effective alternatives for establishing communication between nations, spreading information in a clear and straightforward way, with no interpretation mistakes.

But, after all, what is technical translation?

Technical translation is translating documents that address technical subjects, such as scientific studies, experiments and research papers, ensuring accuracy based on the original text.

This type of translation is required in several areas of expertise and is crucial for professionals from all over the world to obtain and consume important information and studies, as it is the case in a pandemic.

Although most scientific papers are written in English, considered a universal language, some documents may also be written in other languages.

Therefore, professional and experienced translators are required to translate the information so that the exact meaning of the original text is not lost. Consequently, translators not only have to master the language pair in question, but also be experts in a certain field.

What is the importance of technical translation?

When we talk about scientific papers or research studies in a certain area, remember a lot of technical terminology is involved, which can only be mastered by experts.

When technical content is translated, translation must be done correctly so that information is properly understood in the target language.

Accordingly, technical translation allows countries to have access to international information on important healthcare issues, as seen in recent months.

How can this service be helpful during a crisis?

With the global health crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus disease, many government officials have come together to discuss measures to fight Covid-19. This exchange of information has been fundamental in finding the best solutions.

Daily data and reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) are released to warn countries about issues such as virus mutations, drugs used and, especially, about the vaccine race.

In view of this, technical translation has become a fundamental tool for governments, health professionals and the population to be able to keep up to date on disease news.

This exchange of information has been crucial to ensure health protection for Brazilians given that measures such as social isolation can be implemented based on the recommendations of other countries that are also facing the pandemic.

Studies carried out in countries that proposed quarantine measures as a contingency plan showed that many of them managed to contain disease spread among the population, consequently decreasing the mortality rate.

Information about the drugs used to treat the disease, in addition to research that seeks to understand the characteristics of the virus, its transmission and symptoms in patients have also been fundamental in the effort to end the pandemic.

Also, the joint effort of researchers from different parts of the world to find a vaccine or medicine to heal Covid-19 patients also benefits from technical translation.

Therefore, technical translation is clearly important not only to disseminate information, but also to ensure the whole world has access to it, so that everyone can come together to fight the new coronavirus.

How to choose a technical translation agency?

To ensure a quality service, you have to choose a specialized and experienced translation agency, where information is translated with excellence.

You should review the agency’s portfolio and reputation, checking whether translators are fully qualified for the job, considering this is a prerequisite for effective translations.

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