Technical translation and its benefits for companies

Check out the main benefits of professional technical translation and how companies can benefit from this type of service

As a result of population growth worldwide, business owners have to be able to easily reach their customers. By translating data into different languages, companies can access different markets. In addition, people prefer to read information in their native language over a foreign one.

However, that is not always possible.

When it comes to more detailed documents and instructions, a specific type of service is required: technical translation.

We will talk about this concept and show the main benefits for those who intend to use this type of translation. Check it out below: 

What is technical translation?

Technical translation means translating documents and materials covering scientific and technical subjects.

All technical subjects have their specific terminology. This requires qualified translators. Professional translators must be familiar with the relevant terminology and tone to produce quality translations for businesses.

Several texts qualify for technical translation. They include scientific, medical, engineering and technical journals, for example.

Translators’ main goal is to accurately translate the technical terminology to match the document and the message of the original content.

The benefits of technical translation

A professional technical translation service is provided by translators with dual specialties, that is, professionals who are fluent in the language pair, but who are also experts in the field covered by the documents to be translated.

When you need to have your documents translated by a technical translator, translators who are not experts may not be able to provide the necessary solutions and terminology for a quality translation.

If the translator is not an expert in the field, he/she will have to learn the new terminology while working. This means that translation will take longer, have higher chances of inaccuracies, and may result in higher costs.

Therefore, the main advantages of hiring an agency specialized in this type of service are as follows:

1 – Document quality

The main advantage of having a technical translator translating your documents is the guarantee of a high-quality service.

A professional team of technical translators will ensure that each word is accurate and that the tone of the document is preserved, resulting in top-quality translations.

The tone of the translation will be friendly, helping the audience understand the core message. This will certainly help build up the reputation of your business.

2 – Accuracy

Professional technical translation agencies ensure highly accurate translations.

Using the right resources helps translators translate smoothly, without any mistakes. Each professional on the team is properly qualified and understands the importance of delivering accurate translations.

3 – Using the right tools

A professional translator working with technical translation uses modern tools or software solutions to help translate documents more effectively.

These tools are designed for translators who want accurate and fast results to provide high-quality services.

4 – Affordable service

Although the cost of translating a technical document tends to be higher than that of “regular” documents, risking your reputation with low-quality translations can be even more expensive in the end.

The good news is that, in most cases, handing over your project to a professional agency can be more affordable than you think.

Professional translators work as a team, which ultimately reduces costs. Some agencies charge fair rates according to the size of the document. You can contact a technical translation agency and get a fair price for your documents.

5 – A great advantage in engineering

In engineering, technical translation is very important. This is because document information, such as design requirements and health or safety manuals, must be disseminated accurately and using the right style.

Also, translating your document into several languages expands your base of potential customers. For example, if you are producing content in Spanish or French, it can reach a wider audience, which also takes your engineering business to a multinational level.

What documents can be translated?

Different engineering and scientific theses, proposals and content require accurate technical translation. If you have documents of this type, you should look for a qualified professional.

A technical translator doesn’t work with all types of content, but specializes in specific technical translation subjects. Let’s check some examples:

Patent translation

Specialized professionals can translate patents, which require an appropriate tone and specific language. Patent translation certainly involves legal and practical requirements.

Each word or phrase used needs to take the business and the customer into account. Whether the patent is associated with apps, equipment or any other field, a technical translator is always the right professional for this type of translation.

User manual translation

The translation of user manuals is a very difficult task because translators should have some experience with the type of product.

The tone of the translation must be straightforward, and never subjective. The information must be complete and accurate, without creating confusion or ambiguity.

Also, companies may require specific technical translators to translate documents that cannot be under the responsibility of beginners.

Where to find qualified technical translators?

Sooner or later, most businesses will require technical translation services, especially in the medical or industrial areas, for example. So, if you are looking for a translation provider, Fidelity is the right agency for you.

Supported by a team of professionals and modern translation tools, we are one of the leading technical translation service providers in Brazil.

We ensure accurate and error-free translations. Contact us so that we can discuss your needs. 

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