Digitally signed sworn translation

Find out how sworn translation can be simplified with the digital signature service

With the innovations of the modern world, a lot has changed. In recent years, the ways in which people establish relationships and even how services are provided have been influenced by a touch of technology.

The main purpose of adopting these changes is simple: to make people’s lives easier and more convenient – and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

In translation, technologies have been used to make services less bureaucratic, giving customers more time and agility to solve  their issues.

In this sense, digitally signed sworn translation is really advantageous to those who need this type of service.

But, after all, what is this type of translation and how does it work? See below:

What is sworn translation?

Sworn translation is defined as the service of translating an official document from one language to another, such as diplomas, marriage certificates, wills, powers of attorney, among others.

This service is highly popular among those who graduated abroad, for example, but want to resume their studies in their own country or, even, among those who got married in foreign territory.

In addition, sworn translation is key for companies that enter into business agreements with foreign institutions, in order to validate transactions in both countries.

For a document issued abroad to be legally valid in Brazil, it has to be translated by a certified sworn translator who will validate its information and reproduce the same legal content issued in the country of origin.

Sworn translators must have passed a public examination to be entitled the right to certify translations, i.e. ensure the legal validity of the documents translated by them, without having to prove such entitlement at every service performed.

What is the digital signature?

A technique involving encryption to check the security and integrity of digital documents. Digital signature is one of the benefits incorporated into the sworn translation process to have it simplified.

Because it is equivalent to a traditional signature, digitally signed documents have the same legal value and, therefore, offer  innumerous benefits for those who have limitations or even for those who need to resolve issues more quickly.

How does the service work?

To enjoy the benefits of a digitally signed sworn translation, customers must have their own digital certificate first.

A digital certificate is an electronic identity of a natural or legal person, granted by a certification authority – a company responsible for checking personal documents and validating the information submitted.

These companies are equivalent to document issuing agencies already known, such as DETRAN and the Public Security Secretariat, for example.

In practice, this certificate is a highly complex encrypted file, which stores data relating to a person or business, with a specific validity period.

These elements are protected by fundamental security keys that allow completion of the digital signature process.

In sworn translation, documents can be submitted and signed without the traditional translator’s signature. This makes the process simpler and less bureaucratic for both parties.

Benefits of a digitally signed sworn translation

In addition to improving the service and making it even more convenient, a digitally signed sworn translation offers several benefits.

Operations in a more secure environment

One of the main positive aspects of selecting this type of service is security. As data are sent using encryption, cases of forgery or even plagiarism, for example, are avoided.

Cost reduction

The process also helps reduce costs, since it removes the need for notarized signatures from the sworn translator and document holders.

Convenience and agility

With technology increasingly present in our lives, choosing services that save time and are less bureaucratic is certainly what many people want. After all, no one enjoys spending hours in line at a registry office, right?

Because it is a completely digital activity, you will not only solve your issues more easily, but also more quickly, requiring only a few clicks to submit the information.

A sustainable alternative

Another benefit of a digitally signed sworn translation is business sustainability, since it eliminates the use of paper and ink for printing, thus avoiding waste.

In addition, those who choose this type of service can send their translated documents to any place in the world by email, for example, since this tool is already present in our digital environment, saving time and money.

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