Do you know which specialization degree should sworn translators pursue?

Sworn translations can only be made by qualified professionals who have passed a specific public examination

If you want to study abroad or get foreign citizenship, you will certainly need the services of a sworn translator.

Sworn translations are necessary to validate in Brazil documents written in foreign language, such as diplomas or birth certificates. Sworn translations are only made by qualified professionals.

A sworn translator – also known as a public translator – usually translates documents that will be submitted to registries, courts or consulates. All sworn translations must be printed in the translator’s letterhead paper and signed by him/her.

Once you have collected all the necessary information about your application, you will know which documents will need this type of translation and whether signature authentication will be necessary. Contact relevant agencies to learn about the next steps. Additionally, remember a sworn translation will be replace the original document. The original document should also be submitted to confirm authenticity and its link with the translation.

Differently from conventional translators, finding a sworn translator is no easy task. A sworn translator has devoted a great deal of effort and dedication to obtain this qualification. Learn more how it works.


In Brazil, translators must pass a public examination to be able to make sworn translations. As the translator profession is not officially regulated, anyone can become a sworn translator provided that this person masters the language and passes public examination.

Por que, porque

Public examinations are not held frequently. Examinations open depending on the need of each Brazilian state. Once approved, the translator is registered with the Commercial Board of the state he/she lives in.

However, sworn translators are not public servants despite having passed a public examination, and are not entitled to the same labor rights.
They only earn the title and permission to practice the profession with official price rates specified by the Commercial Board, and sworn translators are responsible for prospecting their own clients.

Public translators are also authorized to provide services to Registries and to act as interpreters in courts, verbally translating marriages and birth records, for example.


Sworn translators can be found at the Commercial Board website of each Brazilian state. Some translation agencies have established partnerships with sworn translators so that you don’t need to find one for yourself.

If you contact a translator directly, you will not be able to negotiate rates, as rates are set the by Commercial Board. Translation agencies will charge a surplus for convenience and expedited service.

However, we recommend the services of a translation agency for greater convenience and to make sure your deadline will be observed and that you receive a quality translation.

Fidelity Translations has a carefully selected team of translators – all of them are highly-qualified translation experts, including in sworn translations, technical translations and literary translations. Contact us now and check out the quality of the services provided by our professionals!

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