Technical Translation

What does Technical Translation mean?

A Technical Translation, whether sworn or not, comprehends the widest range of specializations considering the terminology of specific subjects, such as: law, pharmaceutics, engineering, in addition to many others.
This is the reason why the deep knowledge of the language is not enough; it is necessary to know the subject presented by the text. It is necessary to know details of the subject, the terminology used in each segment and the culture of the country of destination. A legal document has terms that are completely different from the terms used in the preparation of a technical manual or a package insert of a pharmaceutical drug.
With that in mind, Fidelity maintains a team of more than 150 highly qualified translators specialized in several fields of performance. The process of allocation of the right translator to each work fulfills strict criteria in order to guarantee the fluidity of the text, ensuring a final work structured with specific terminology suitable for any project.

Areas of Technical Expertise:
• Law
• Audit
• Industry and Trade
• Consultancy
• Medicine
• Pharmaceutics
• Data Proceeding
• Patents
• Tenders
• Technical Manuals
• Marketing
• Entertainment
• Finance
• Research and Technology
• Automobile
• Chemistry
• Power
• Private and Public Administration
• Engineering
• Telecommunications
• Metallurgy
• Transportation

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