Sworn Translation

A specialty of Fidelity

Established in Brazil by the Decree 13609, dated October 21st, 1943, the sworn translation grants public faith to documents. It can be done solely by Certified Translators and Interpreters duly approved in competitive examination and registered with the Board of Trade of the State in which they are domiciled.
The Sworn Translation is valid throughout the national territory and, in order to ensure its authenticity, it must bear notarized signature of the sworn translator and, depending on the document, it must be also registered with the Registry of Titles and Documents.

The purpose of the Sworn Translation is to validate documents written in foreign language in Brazil and documents written in Portuguese abroad. The sworn translation becomes an official document. Such requirement intends to avoid distortion or adulteration of the content of foreign documents. Therefore, it must be made in paper with letterhead of the Certified Translator and Interpreter, and respect an standard format, so that the format of the document will never be identical to the original.

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