Translation Services

Fidelity Translations is one of the largest and most respected translation companies in Latin America. The company offers its clients an extensive range of high quality translation services and solutions, meeting of deadlines, information confidentiality and several business advantages.

Translations (from foreign language into Portuguese and from Portuguese into foreign language) – Simple and Sworn Translations: any type of document, text or project.
Flexible Business Conditions: competitive prices and differentiated deadlines.
Desktop Publishing: the documents are delivered in the same format as the original document. With exception of sworn translations, which does not allow desktop publishing.
Multicultural Research of Terminology: accuracy and clarity in all translations, without losing the originality of the document.
Glossary: terms previously approved by the client for an even further customized translation.
Proofreading: translation quality guaranteed.
Notarial Office: signature notarization, copy certification and registration with Registry of Titles and Documents.
Consular Authentication: validation of translations by the consulates in any place of Brazil.
Confidentiality Agreement: your translation with guaranteed secrecy.

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