Public translator: how can you be sure you will be provided a reliable translation service?

Learn more about the setbacks you might experience because of a poor-quality translation and how to identify committed translation agencies

A public translator makes sworn translations which are a bit different from other types of translations. Therefore, you should hire a reliable and renowned agency.

Nevertheless, finding a good agency can be a problem if you don’t know what to look for in this type of service provider. As a consequence, you might get a very poor-quality translation and be faced with serious problems when using your text.

Learn about the importance of choosing a good service provider, criteria to be considered, and potential setbacks you may experience with incorrect translations.

How important is it to choose a reliable public translator?

Critically important. After all, the resulting translation can make a difference in your dream of studying or working abroad or visiting a foreign country.

According to Common Sense Advisory (CSA), the global translation service market is expected to reach USD 46.52 billion in 2018 – representing more than USD 3.87 billion per month -, an indication that the market is booming.

When compared to previous years, the impact is even more surprising: in 2009, the market was worth USD 23.5 billion, having grown nearly 100% in only 9 years. This is strong evidence of the globalized world we have today.

With such a heated-up market, more professionals are expected to be interested in providing translation services. And public translators are part of this group. They are crucial for international paperwork processing.

When you understand what is sworn translation, a type of translation used in an official document to confer it legal validity in foreign countries, you can understand how popular it has become.

This explains why sworn translation is among the main translation services available nowadays, as the number of people visiting foreign countries is really high: according to the Brazilian Association of Tourism Operators (Braztoa), 1.2 million Brazilians travelled abroad in 2017 only.

How to choose a reliable translation agency?

Homem está prestes a assinar um documento com uma caneta elegante, simbolizando a escolha de uma empresa de tradução confiável.

You may consider different criteria when selecting an agency, including market experience and fees. Check below some of the major aspects:

Market experience

Companies that have been on the market for a long time can ensure the quality of the services they provide because numerous customers have already been served during that period and had their expectations fully met.

This also consolidates business reputation on the market, turning it into a benchmark. This reassures customers who are interested in closing a deal with the company.

In order to live up to their reputation, agencies use strict criteria to hire new public translators, technical translators or translators for any other kind of translation services.

Number of customers served

This is a virtuous cycle: the higher the number of customers served by a translation agency, the higher the trust in it, which then becomes a natural cycle.

It is important to stress that the customers served should not be seen as a number only, but as individuals and organizations that had their needs met by the translation agency, which is then a great indicator.

Also, as a consequence of time on the market, companies that have served a higher number of customers tend to have a more positive visibility on the market. This weighs heavily in favor of hiring a public translator.

Service quality

One of the most common mistakes when selecting a translation agency is ignoring customer service quality. This can bring you several consequences, starting at service engagement and extending to service delivery.

The agency selected has to serve customers with consideration and respect. Customers are likely to have questions about the service, including when it will be completed, payment methods and how it is done.

When customers have all their questions answered politely, efficiently and amicably, they contribute to making business reputation even better. Consequently, word-of-mouth will be totally worth it.

Translation fees

Just like in any business relationship, whether you are buying an electronic device or hiring a service, pricing is always an issue, although this is addressed differently when a public translator is involved.

Humans naturally tend to look for more affordable options whenever they can. However, sworn translation fees that are too low should be carefully considered as they can indicate a poor-quality service.

Of course that knowing the price of a translation service is important, but cost-effectiveness should weigh more, i.e. how worth is it to pay for that service and be sure everything will be alright?

What are the consequences of a poor sworn translation?

Consequences can include, for example, refusal of an academic transcript or diploma by the institution, which means you won’t be able to go on your much desired student exchange program, among several other consequences.

The work of a public translator is so specific that it can only be performed by professionals who have duly passed a public examination and have been appointed by the State Commercial Board of their state of residence.

This is a requirement for sworn translations because they are officially authorized to confer legal validity to their translations. That is why a sworn translation is such a detailed and thorough process, with legal and bureaucratic implications.

Always resort to a public translator from a responsible and reliable translation agency for student exchange programs, working abroad or visiting foreign countries, and to ensure your documents are officially and legally valid. You will experience a smooth process and will be able to avoid any serious problems.

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