Need a translation service? Check out our tips

Need a translation service? We have the best tips to help you chose a qualified company

Choosing a translation service appropriately can be a little tricky because you can’t see how specialized companies are different at first sight. 

Most websites make the same promises: high quality translations, lower prices, fast delivery and excellent service.

We have seven useful tips to help you find the company that matches your preferences and needs among the many translation service providers.

1 – Look for references 

One of the best tips to find a good translation company is to ask for references.

Ask how the experience was and the impressions on the service provided. Was the company transparent? Was the company reliable? Did it meet the deadlines and demands?

You can also look for testimonials and references on the company’s website or you can go further and contact direct customers for references.

2 – Ask about the processes 

Professional translation companies have well-defined processes and activities to make the workflow more efficient. This allows the conduction of translation projects and ensures the quality of the services provided.

When you ask about the processes the company provides you with the possibility to monitor the status of your projects.

3 – Ask about the languages offered

Even if you only need one specific language at first, knowing that the company provides a wide range of languages is important for future reference.

You never know when translating into another not-as-common language as English or Spanish will be necessary.

4 – Ask about the translators 

A professional translation service has translators and language specialists. Professional translation companies have a network of reliable partners serving a wide range of languages and while meeting tight deadlines.

With this in mind, ask how the company assesses the quality of the text and proficiency in its language combinations.

The company must also establish criteria for the education, experience and skill levels of the language experts.

5 – Note your first impression on the company

Try to contact the company and see how it answers to your email or phone calls and if it spends time the way you deserve as a potential client.

How long did it take for the company to answer? Did the company seem enthusiastic about your questions? Did it ask about your needs? This may help you have an idea of what it would be like to work with this company and how it handles its clients.

You can also make questions about how the company works with its clients. Is someone specific contacting you? Will you always have the option to call or send an email? Is the company willing to meet regularly to discuss your partnership?

Of course, all of this depends on what you want and need from a professional translation company.

6 – Ask about the prices and deadlines.

As a client, knowing how much you can afford for a product or service is important. However, many translation service providers only inform the price of a job after analyzing the text to be translated. 

This is because the complexity of a translation project may vary greatly in terms of technicality, topic, combination of languages. etc. Analyzing the text in advance also allows the company to check the files and include discounts for repetitions and previously translated segments in the budget.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose a translation company that doesn’t inform price before analyzing the text.

In addition, remember the price per word includes more than the translation itself, such as project management and revision costs, for example. 

If you get an offer that sounds too good to be true, this company may be cutting costs in one or several parts of the translation process, which ends up affecting the quality of the translations delivered.

7 – Ask if there are other services

Finding a translation company that provides all language services is the best scenario. 

Also, finding a partner company for you and your colleagues to build a friendly and close professional relationship is very important. 

The entire process becomes a lot easier; therefore, the result is better, as soon as the translation company knows you and your company’s needs, tone of voice, terminology, etc.

You should then ask if the company offers technical translation and sworn translation, proofreading, and writing services and whether the company has any limitations when it comes to formatting files and language combinations, for example. 

Count on a real expert partner

Have a great start with your translation service provider following these seven useful tips. Finding the right partner from the beginning is very important and you don’t waste time and resources starting all over with a new company.

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