What are the advantages of having a multilingual website?

Check out ten advantages of a multilingual website and learn why you should consider this business solution right now

If you want your business to have a competitive advantage in a globalized world, you should consider the advantages of a multilingual website, one of the most meaningful ways to expand your customer base and ensure higher sales volume.

A multilingual website will continue to be a necessity for companies and organizations as internationalization evolves.

Here are ten good reasons why you should have a multilingual website right now:

1 – Going beyond the basics

The Internet started out as an invention of English speakers and, as a result, was dominated by English speaking users and websites.

However, times are changing. With the growing number of people buying computers and having access to the Internet, from Nigeria to New Zealand, English speakers will soon be a minority when it comes to using the Internet.

This means that foreign Internet markets will be “within arm’s reach”. Therefore, you can generate substantial revenue with relatively little effort if you are willing to do so and have the necessary skills.

Traditional countries such as the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, for example, are already known for their large volume of Internet users.

On the other hand, countries like France, Hong Kong, Italy, and Japan are seeing substantial growth in Internet use.

The easiest opportunities are in countries where Internet usage patterns and user-website relationships are less established.

Acquiring users in markets that are currently growing will lead to a loyal user base that will pay dividends to companies in the future.

2 – Affordable marketing tool

Being able to communicate with a whole new international audience in their own language will undoubtedly produce not only good financial results, but also marketing benefits and awareness of your brand, service or product.

One of the long-term advantages of a multilingual website is that it is probably one of the most affordable marketing tools your company can have, prospecting new users, building relationships with new customers, and giving your brand an international perspective.

3 – New customers

Basically, a multilingual website will attract new customers to your business. By making your website accessible to thousands of people, you are introducing your company to the whole world.

For users who don’t speak Portuguese and are looking for your product or service outside Brazil, you can automatically attract their attention.

4 – Sales

You can increase sales when adding new languages to your website, be it English, Spanish, German or any other.

There are very few other options you can choose from to achieve your sales goals with so little investment.

5 – Being customer-oriented

A multilingual website shows that you care about your customer. This little extra effort shows that you care about them to offer them a website in other languages.

As with anything in business, when customers believe you care, they will want to do business with you.

6 – Trust

For many cultures, people need to trust the business to shop over the Internet, especially if they can’t fully understand the language.

Offering them a language alternative allows customers to feel confident that they know what they are buying, how, and from what business.

7 – Culturally sensitive

When properly designed, one of the best advantages of a multilingual website is that it overcomes cultural barriers by allowing access in a different language.

This automatically places users in a “cultural comfort zone” due to their ability to navigate, understand, and interact with the website.

8 – Outperform competitors

To obtain a competitive advantage in today’s environment, you need to think outside the box.

Look at your competitors – if they have multilingual websites, why don’t you? If they don’t have one, why not being a pioneer and make your company or brand known abroad before them?

9 – Show how international you are

Your business image is everything. A multilingual website shows that you think, work and negotiate internationally.

10 – Search tools

Search engines take people to your website. In countries like China, Japan and France, Google, Yahoo and MSN are not the standard search engines.

Domestic search tools are emerging and proving to be successful because they work in native languages and focus on the habits and needs of their users.

These search tools are key components if you want to reach these markets. Also, you won’t be found unless customers can use your website in their own language.

Besides, many of the major search tools, especially Google, are developing the ability to perform searches in foreign languages.

Having your website available in different languages will ensure your business is listed in the main search results.

The right time to start

Multilingual websites are still in their early stages, with most large multinational companies using them to secure an international position.

However, they will expand naturally and this type of website will become a necessity on the Internet. If you decide to invest now, you can enjoy the advantages of a multilingual website way before your competitors.

If you want to take advantage of the phenomenon while it is still new, you need to do things right. It’s useless to have only part of your website translated or have low-quality translations. This will only scare away potential new customers.

Hire a professional translation agency like Fidelity, for example. Fidelity offers high-quality services and effectively provides translations in the legal, financial, and medical areas, among others, ensuring highly accurate translations. Remember your company’s reputation is at stake.

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