How much is a translation service worth?

The price of a translation service may change according to the agency, the level of difficulty, the language, and the delivery term. In general, the prices charged are calculated based on the number of words and other variables.

Technical, legal and scientific texts are usually more expensive because they require greater efforts in terms of terminology. Sworn translations, on the other hand, have their rates fixed by the Commercial Registry of each state, and a price list is determined by law.

According to Sintra, the National Translators Union, urgent translations should be charged an urgency fee which should be agreed upon the parties.

How much is a translation service worth

Differences that set market prices

A translation service rarely involves simply receiving a text in one language and handing it in another. Generally speaking, the price of a translation is set by the market.

However, considering the quality of a translation service can change drastically, several different prices are available in the market, including with discounts for longer translations.

Learn about company history and market operation

A translation service can have different levels of quality and complexity and one cannot know in advance whether a translation will be effective only based on price estimation. When looking for a translation agency, one should look for market references, learn about its customers, its areas of expertise, its staff, and its portfolio.

Translators union recommends minimum prices

The Translators Union recommends minimum prices to be charged as of January 2017. Translation printed services from a foreign language to Portuguese cost BRL 0.38 per word; literary translation costs BRL 34.00 per standard page of 30 lines with up to 70 characters (with a total of approximately 2,100 characters with space per page).

Translation services from Portuguese to a foreign language cost BRL 0.48 per word; translation services from a foreign language to another foreign language cost BRL 0.50 per word. Text proofreading costs 50% of the translation price.

Price should be based on the aspects of each type of translation

There are several other aspects involved in other types of translations, such as conference interpreting whose prices change according to the type of interpretation service (simultaneous, consecutive or accompanying), location (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Paraná, Santa Catarina or Rio Grande do Sul), working hours, and number of translators.

There is a 30% increase per interpreter over the 6-hour basic rate in case of streaming or recording.
The prices recommended by the union refer to services provided in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Other languages are considered rare and must have their prices negotiated. Prices are also different for Brazilian Sign Language and multimedia, and several aspects should be taken into consideration as well.

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