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Understand how this service is key to your company

When thinking about the needs of your business, several issues come up, such as responsible financial management, careful selection of personnel and adoption of new technologies.

Legal translation does not always come to mind, but it should.

Nowadays, regional, state or national scenarios are no longer enough for those who want to grow. In a globalized world, restricting a company’s activities geographically cannot be a wise decision.

Harvard Business Review published a survey of the depth of global connectivity – between 2001 and 2017 – and concluded that it is around 270% with respect to the flow of information, the highest position in history, since information travels the world at very high speed.

Connectivity in terms of capital, people and business is also around 125%, which means that globalization should no longer be considered a trend, but a reality.

In this concept, legal translations are key and can contribute to consistent business development. You will better understand how this should happen and how your business can reap the benefits.

What is legal translation?

First of all, it is important to define the scope of this type of translation, so that you can be sure about what it is.

Legal translation is any translation service carried out involving content of a legal nature, such as lawsuits, powers of attorney, court notices, certificates, contracts, among others.

It is as if legal translations were a subcategory of translation, as it is also possible to classify medical and judicial translations, for example, even though the latter is not necessarily a technical term.

The translation of official documents, i.e., those that have legal validity, requires a different approach compared to other contents, precisely because of the fact that specific terminology is used, full of elaborated, technical terms, which are not always widely known.

Among so many possible terms, we can highlight some, such as judgment, annotation, circumscription, deceit, synthesis, appeal, injunction, precautionary measure, burden of proof, embezzlement, precatory, summary and suspension, which are part of the routine of law professionals.

Legal translation is considered one of the types of technical translation, as it requires professional translators not only to master the language pair involved, but also the specific vocabulary and the routine of the legal professionals in question.

Therefore, it is common for legal translations to be carried out by translators who also act as lawyers and other types of professionals who have the technical expertise and the experience needed to address the subject naturally.

In addition, legal translation is considered, in most cases, sworn translation (also known as public translation), which is a service provided involving documents that have legal value and that need to have the same validity in other countries.

Therefore, when you need sworn translation services, you need to hire a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC), a professional who must have passed a public examination and be duly registered with the Commercial Board of their State and, therefore, have authority to certify and confer legal validity to translated documents without having to resort to other authorities.

How can legal translation help your business?

Tradução jurídica benefícios

In its globalization process, which, in turn, tends to directly and positively impact its financial results and, consequently, its success in the market.

Imagine, for example, if your business could offer products and services in another country, either through a franchise system, by merging with another business or by any other available means.

Consequently, your business would need to fulfill the necessary legal and bureaucratic procedures of the country in question, since that will be the environment in which your business will operate.

However, because it is a negotiation between two or more countries, documents must also be available in at least two languages.

Not only is it necessary to have all documents translated to enable effective communication between those involved in the negotiation, but it is also necessary to think about compliance with local legal requirements, which must be done in a totally assertive manner.

In order to ensure that the negotiation evolves in the best possible way, legal translation is a priority, especially when considering the weight that legal documents have and the serious consequences that a mistake can cause.

When you count on a translator specializing in legal content, contracts, powers of attorney and all other documents involved will be duly translated into the target language and, thus, can be used for their intended purposes.

Also, you must be aware of the importance of having good legal advice, since laws between countries are different and, therefore, specific issues must be addressed according to each territory.

Legal translation: a necessity for globalization

Handling competition is no easy task and those who don’t commit to overcoming geographical limits may face an even greater challenge. Challenges can stop your business from growing and, in the medium and long term, can cause your business to close.

It is interesting to note that several companies have not yet started to prepare themselves. Businesses that have started earlier are giving important steps ahead of their competitors.

Even if your company does not have short-term plans to go international, being prepared for it is crucial so that everything runs as smoothly as possible – and being assisted by professionals specialized in legal translation is key.

You must select legal translators carefully as they need to master the language pair and the legal area in order to correctly translate the terminology.

Whenever you need legal translation services, count on a specialized, experienced translation agency that can provide excellent services, helping boost your business.

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