Learn how to identify translation pitfalls!

Check out some examples to avoid mistakes when hiring translation services.

Be aware of some pitfalls when requesting a translation.

Documents will be handled accordingly in the hands of qualified and committed professionals.

So always consider the aspects that will ensure a good-quality service.

There are several translation options: the most common ones include personal documents, such as passports, civil registry certificates, identity cards, worker’s booklets and other personal documents, including cover letters, criminal records, adoption documents, medical statements, school and academic documents, and business and marketing documents, such as patents, catalogues for parts and machinery, machine and equipment manuals, technical standards, etc. Legal documents are also translated including contracts, lawsuits, depositions, bank statements, affidavits, email messages, power of attorney, wills, etc.

We have listed some translation pitfalls that are applicable to all translation services. Be aware:

1 – The sooner the translation is delivered, the better

When translating documents that require a certain level of complexity, sufficient research and proofing is not possible in a quick translation job. Always negotiate translation deadlines – an experienced professional will advice you on the necessary time for each job.
Haste makes waste! Translation deadlines can change a lot depending on the content of each document.

Empresa de Tradução - Tempo
A pressa é inimiga da perfeição! O tempo das traduções de documentos pode variar muito, dependendo da necessidade do cliente.

2 – Any one can do it

In some cases, information should be kept confidential. In such cases, make sure your provider follows non-disclosure agreements.

You should not leave your documents in the hands of someone you can’t trust. Always hire a specialized professional! Serious agencies have teams of competent professionals. Be sure the person you are sending your information to is reliable.

A Tradução de documentos deve ser realizada por profissionais especializados na língua que se deseja ser traduzida!
Não é qualquer um que pode fazer a tradução de documentos. Sempre procure por profissionais especializados!

3 – Every translation is the same, you don’t have to be an expert

This is a common mistake people make when searching for a translation service provider. Having lived abroad and be able to speak another language and translating a document that requires specific techniques are two different things – only an expert can provide you with a quality translation.

So, if your nephew has just returned from his student exchange program in Canada and you have considered him for translating a complex, technical document you will use in a meeting with foreigners investors, you’d better think it over.

Actually, even native speakers can make grammar mistakes or fail to give the text the necessary tone, aligned with your translation goals. To ensure a quality translation, the translator should master at least two languages.

4 – Having a language degree is enough

Language education is only enough when accompanied by extensive experience in document translation.
Language specialization is quite important, but it is not everything! A good professional will go beyond that.

Traduções de documentos através de profissionais experientes com todos os tipos de traduções além da especialização!
A Especialização em línguas é muito importante porém, não é tudo! Um bom profissional vai muito além disso.

Companies that are committed to offering quality services will not have unexperienced members on their teams only because they have a language specialization. Translators go through a strict selection process to avoid inconsistency.

Language education is useful, but high-level translations require more than that – they require experienced professionals.

5 – I can tell the translation is good because the words match on both languages

Having matching words in a translation does not necessarily mean a literal translation. High-level translations will require adaptations. This is where a competent professional is spotted, with genuine linguistic skills.

6 – Only one person can handle it

Translation agencies usually have more than one person working in the same translation depending on its complexity.
In most cases, documents will be translated by more than one translator.

Normally, one person translates the document and the other proofreads it to detect and correct potential mistakes. This avoids problems and, consequently, losses to customers.

Encontre erros e armadilhas falsas nos documentos de traduções!
Em muitos casos, é necessário mais de um profissional para realizar as traduções dos documentos solicitados.

7 – Translation agencies charge more so it’s not worth it

What is not worth it is taking a chance and hiring a service whose quality, delivery deadline, confidentiality, and final result are questionable.

Therefore, choosing a serious and committed translation agency that will meet your translation needs is the first step to avoid any pitfalls.

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