Job opportunities for Russian speakers

Do you speak Russian? Learn about job opportunities in this area!

Russian is a common language around the world. Over 150 million people have Russian as their native language and over 110 million people speak Russian as a second language – these people might be anywhere, including in Brazil.

During and after the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia was on the spotlight, not only the country and their soccer team, but also their language.

Did you know there are good job opportunities for those who speak Russian, including in Brazil? We have selected some of the opportunities available for those who choose to learn and master Russian!

Job opportunities for Russian speakers

If you are свободно владею русским языком – or speaks Russian fluently – consider the following alternatives.

Russian teacher

One of the first occupations we think of when we think of another language is teaching – and this would not be different with Russian. If you master the language, you can be a good candidate for teaching.

Whether traditional or online classes, you can find Russian teacher positions around Brazil and teach a language that is spoken in the world’s largest country, in addition to the Cyrillic alphabet, used in languages like Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Belarusian, in addition to Russian itself.

Classes can be private or in group and can meet the needs of each language school. Additionally, you can also be a self-employed teacher and have teaching as your main or secondary source of income.

The mean wage of language teachers in Brazil is BRL 3,000.00, although it can change according to the number of classes or the work regime (hired or self-employed).

Russian translator

Those who need to have books, scientific papers, movies, TV shows, games or legal documents translated from Russian to Portuguese (or vice-versa) require the services of a Russian translator.

Russian translators can work in agencies, publishing houses, translation companies, game developing companies, subtitling studios, among others.

Additionally, they have the chance to have first-hand access to movies, books, TV series and other contents that very few people are familiar with, as they haven’t become available yet. Therefore, if you love the Russian culture, this can be a great opportunity.

The mean wage for translators is BRL 2,275.00, but considering that Russian is not such a common language in Brazil, the number of translators is not that high, which, consequently, helps increase price.

Russian interpreter

Globalization is increasingly present in our lives. Businesses, institutions and governments around the world constantly join people from different countries in parties and events.

When a Russian comes to Brazil, or vice-versa, but doesn’t speak the local language or can’t speak a second common language, an interpreter becomes indispensable.

Communication is crucial, no matter if it’s a Russian politician, executive or celebrity, and interpreters will be the ones responsible for effective communication.

Interpreters should be highly trustful as they can have access to confidential information that cannot be disclosed. In the beginning, monthly wages are approximately BRL 2,500.00. However, they can reach up to BRL 15,000.00 over time.

Remote jobs

Home office and freelancer modalities have become widely popular in Brazil. This is also true in Russia and several other countries.

Those who fluently speak Russian can work remotely in a large number of segments. Some of these include:

Content producer;
Website developer;
Graphic designer;
Online teacher;
Social media analyst;
Video editor;
Digital marketing analyst;

Those working remotely, especially as freelancers, can choose their work hours. This allows great flexibility and the possibility to work in other areas too.

Wages vary according to the service offered, time of experience and demand.

Exchange student

If you want to work in other areas or if you prefer to be in loco, you can go on a student exchange program to Russia. Considering that you speak the language, you can seize several other opportunities in the country.

Brazilians can visit Russia for up to 90 days without the need for a visa – only the passport. However, a visa is necessary if you intend to work there.

In this case, your passport should be valid for longer than 6 months after your last travel date. You have to fill out the visa form, present an updated photo of yourself and take all the necessary documents to a Russian consulate.

Generally, the application process takes approximately 10 business days to be completed, but you should file your documents in advance. Then, you’ll still have enough time in case there are any problems.

Use your Russian knowledge professionally

Job opportunities for those who fluently speak Russian are abundant, including in multinational companies located in Brazil, remotely in foreign companies or even if you intend to move to or live in Russia.

Go ahead if you want to work in a film-making company, in a language school, in a translation agency or in any other area where Russian can be useful. You’ll be part of a select group of professionals.

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