International translation day: learn how this service can help you

Understand why this day was created, how professional translators work and how they can help you.


The international translation day is celebrated on September 30 th . This date celebrates translators, professionals of great importance in all aspects of live for thousands of years and innumerous years to come.

However, many people are not aware of this celebration date or how translators work, despite the fact everyone has had contact with different translated books,films, series, articles and other contents.
Learn more about the translation day, celebrated worldwide, about the importance of translators for society, and the main types of translation.


What is the history behind the international translation day

September 30 th was chosen because of the death of Saint Jerome in 420 B.C., at 73 years old. He is best known for his translation of the Bible from ancient Greek and Hebrew to Latin.

Additionally, he also wrote several important papers about the art of translation. All that contributed to Saint Jerome being considered the patron saint of translators.

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) came up with the idea of celebration in 1953, when it was founded. However, the idea of having the date officially recognized came up in 1991.

The purpose of the international translation day is to show solidarity with the translator’
community worldwide and to express pride in a profession that doesn’t stop growing in an era of progressive globalization.

Every year, FIT chooses a theme to celebrate the date. The following themes were selected from 2013 to 2018

– 2018: Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times.
– 2017: Translation and diversity.
– 2016: Translation and interpreting: connecting worlds.
– 2015: The changing face of translation and interpreting.
– 2014: Language rights: essential to all human rights.
– 2013: Beyond linguistic barriers – a united world.

How do translators work?

Translating means changing written contents from one language to the other. Also, despite the fact translation exists for thousands of years, knowing more about the translator profession is crucial to understand its importance for society.

Way beyond changing words to another language, the work of translators is fundamental so that everyone has access to information in different formats, whether for professional, personal, or entertainment purposes.

Additionally, this is one of aspects the international translation day advocates for: recognizing the work of these professionals is critical for all fields of expertise.

For example, Brazilian surgeons who don&amp’t speak a second language will need access to the translation of techniques and practices developed in other countries.
This will help them acquire knowledge and increase their capacity to save lives in specific situations.

For foreign literature fans, translation might be the only form of accessing their favorite books, as well as films, series, games, etc.

These are only some examples showing how important translators are in every corner of the world.

What are the types of translation?

We have summarized translation services that might be offered by translators, but this is not an exhaustive list. The main services include:

Simple translation: translation of contents with no legal value, like websites, email messages, magazines and books. This type of translation can be made by professionals who master the language pair involved and the subject addressed.

Technical translation: for technical contents, like scientific articles about a wide range of topics. This type of translation requires professionals to master the language pair and the subject addressed.

Sworn translation: for documents that require legal validity in other countries, like articles of incorporation, powers of attorney, lawsuits, marriage certificates, school transcripts, etc. This type of translation should be made by sworn translators accredited by the Trade Board of their state of residence.

What does the translation market look like today?

The translation service market shows good results in 2018. Globalization contributes to the popularity of translation services, which then increases the revenue of the sector worldwide.

In 2017, the translation services market exceeded USD 45 billion. Additionally, Common Share Advisory statistical data show that demand will keeping increasing by 2021 – which means the market will keep growing.

This is a result of the services being provided in virtually all areas, as promoted by the international translation day. Also, the large knowledge and entertainment base we have today has been enabled, in great part, by translators.

Also, the number of translators is estimated to be over 640,000 professionals according to data from the Chinese Association of Translators.

Celebrate the international translation day

This is a very important celebration day that takes us back to the beginning of translation, but also to what we have today and the growth of the sector, which should be maintained for an undetermined period of time.

In addition to understanding the importance of the international translation day and celebrating it, always hire the services of a good translation agency. This will help people recognize the importance of translation for the society as a whole.

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