How to choose the best translation agency according to your needs

Understand why choosing a qualified translation agency is so important

In a globalized world, we know the importance of understanding languages other than our own. Translation is quite common and extremely important to help disseminate cultures – and should be done by the best translation agency.

Translation is an essential task whether in films, books, speeches of public interest or conversations with people from other countries (which can be scary for people who can’t speak the language).

However, little is known about sworn translation (also known as public translation), a type of translation that plays a fundamental role in international processes.

It is even provided by law, according to Decree 13.609, of 1943, which says in its Article 18:

“Article 18. No book, document or paper of any kind which is drawn up in a foreign language, will take effect in offices of the Union of States and municipalities, in any instance, Courts or entities maintained, supervised or guided by public authorities, without being accompanied by the respective translation made pursuant to this regulation.”

In addition to sworn translation, we can also mention technical translation

Technical translation, in addition to dealing with public matters, also deals with situations in which specific knowledge is needed about a subject (scientific articles, manuals, instructions, advice, medicine, etc.), and cannot be done by those who are not experts and understand only the language to be translated.

Regarding legal issues, there are a multitude of contracts that require specialized translation and legal validity for effectiveness, such as certificates, diplomas, statements, titles, certificates, records, documents etc.

And, to understand the need for translation, one must understand how it is used. Often, people believe that it is not an extremely popular service, but they are wrong.

Going on an exchange program, for example, can be a difficult task for those who are unaware of translation procedures. The legal validity of documents in other countries is somewhat bureaucratic and should be done with caution.

Recognizing the authenticity of a certificate is the first step in making it valid. After that, it is important to choose the best translation agency on the market specialized in the segment.

It is important to know that, because it is not a very popular service and because it deals with important titles, which may involve confidential and dangerous data to be disclosed, agencies must be thoroughly analyzed before they are hired to ensure they will provide reliable services.

Not only in this sense, but any matter involving personal information needs to be done carefully and calmly.

Scammers can take advantage of the good faith of those who want to take a step forward in their careers, in their personal lives, or even those who wish to solve legal matters in their lives.

Therefore, at each stage of the process experienced, it is necessary to find people and professionals who are aligned with the purposes of the intended actions.

To certify the quality of a good translation, some agencies regulate this practice, so those who are offered the service know exactly where and how to proceed. These agencies include:

Commercial Board

On the website of the Commercial Board of each State, you can find contact information for professional translators. This confirms they are really capable of carrying out a certain type of translation.

Associations of Public Translators from Brazilian States

We also have Public Translators Associations, which are made up of eight states (Ceará, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo), with websites where you can search for professional translators.

SINTRA (National Union of Translators)

In addition to the agencies mentioned above, there is SINTRA, where clients can search for sworn translators throughout Brazil who are associated with the union.

It is also relevant to emphasize that, in this case, it is not a common translation process, such as the translation of films, books, among others, but rather, a translation service with legal interest.

Outside the legal sphere, the process is much less bureaucratic, but no less important. Preferably, translators should be selected based on the quality of their services to ensure the grammar rules of the target language are followed.

Therefore, there are also simple translations that do not require a certified translator. Thus, they do not require as much bureaucracy as in other cases.

Should the best translation agency be hired even for simple tasks?

There are several reasons why a specialized translation might be needed. It can be used in literary cases, scientific subjects, advertising, technical texts and in several other situations.

Even when a service has no public interest, a faithful and quality translation offers credibility to any content. This also happens in the case of original texts, which have not gone through the translation process.

Try reading an article in which grammar and context do not match language standards and notice what happens. It is difficult to trust a text that doesn’t follow language standards.

For this reason, the role of a sworn translation agency is fundamental so that we can connect people, cultures and the specificities of different countries, without worries.

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