How does Fidelity work? How is a price quotation prepared?

Learn more about our history, the translation services we offer and how they work.

Fidelity translation agency has been operating for over 48 years and has pioneered this kind of service in Brazil. This, added to the high quality standards of the services provided by our qualified and experienced professionals, puts us in a privileged position in the translation segment.

Nevertheless, not all customers know our history or know exactly how services are provided and how translations are charged, and this can raise questions when hiring a translation job.

Learn more about Fidelity and the services we offer customers. You will be more reassured when hiring our services.

When was Fidelity born?

We are pioneers in the translation segment having started back in 1970, when this type of service wasn’t that common or popular in Brazil. However, as translation became more and more widespread due to globalization, we seized this great market opportunity at the time.

Today, the translation market is quite strong in all parts of the world. According to Common Sense Advisory, the segment is expected to be valued at USD 46.52 billion in 2018, which is expected to go up to USD 56.18 billion in 2021. However, that has not always been the case.

Statista portal shows that the global translation market was worth USD 23.5 billion in 2009 nearly half of the what we see in 2018. This massive difference occurred only during a 9-year period thanks to Internet widespread use. And before that, its value was even lower.

Nevertheless, Fidelity translation agency was able to pay attention to the market at a time when the demand for translation was still not that high although it already existed. Therefore, it was a pioneer in this segment in Brazil.

As the translation segment evolved, Fidelity also expanded its operations, always focusing on high-quality services and on meeting all customer needs.

This led to the need to broaden our horizons and serve customer located in different parts of Brazil. Today, Fidelity has branches in São Paulo, Campinas, Alphaville (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre (RS), Curitiba (PR), and Brasília (DF).

Brazil has a high demand for translation, including in other countries worldwide. For this reason, Fidelity translation agency also started a branch in Miami, Florida, USA.

After over 48 years of experience, we consolidated ourselves as Latin America’s leading translation agency, with a team of more than 150 professional translators – a great indicator of service quality.

Additionally, the pioneering nature of Fidelity translation agency contributed to expanding the translation segment we have today.

How are price quotations prepared?

Fidelity charges for its translation services based on the number of standard pages, a measurement unit used by many translation agencies for convenience and easiness.

Historically, a standard page was exact the same size as a newspaper column, which helped linotype machine operators during layout (a linotype machine was an old system to cast blocks of type on newspapers).

Over time, this became the standard used to measure translation services, despite the fact that some agencies charge per character or word.

Fidelity translation agency prepares its price quotations based on the number of standard pages, i.e. price quotations change according to the length of the text to be translated.

Some specific characteristics can result in different fees, e.g.:

  • Specific services: technical and sworn translations are more specific types of translation and their fees can be higher compared to other services.
  • Less popular languages: English and Spanish are among the world’s most spoken languages. For less common languages, like German, Japanese and Dutch, for example, fees can be higher due to the lower availability of translators working with these languages.
  • Urgency: each translation service requires a certain amount of time to be completed. This can change according to the number of standard pages, document complexity and languages involved. Those who want to speed up the process can pay an additional fee, when available, for urgent cases.

Today, Fidelity translates over 40,000 standard pages per month, services requested by customers of different sizes and segments, including individuals and organizations.

What services does Fidelity Translations offer?

Globo terrestre sobre fundo branco. Há vários "bottoms" com as bandeiras de diferentes países, representando os serviços da tradução da Fidelity.

Fidelity provides the major translation services available in the market:

  • Sworn translation: the translation of foreign documents that need to be legally valid in Brazil or Brazilian documents that need to be legally valid in other countries. Sworn translations have to accompanied by their original counterparts.
  • Technical translation: technical translations include manuals, scientific papers, lawsuits, and other contents like biology, physics, chemistry, marketing, law, nursing, etc.
  • Simple translation: translation of books, websites, email messages and other unofficial and/or non-technical contents.

Rely on Fidelity as your translation agency and have your satisfaction guaranteed.

Equipe de pessoas de negócios, representando os profissionais da Fidelity.

Experience, quality and market benchmark are strong aspects influencing the choice of a translation agency. Fidelity combines all that into one company and can exceed all customer expectations.

Additionally, we have a highly-qualified team who translates texts and documents taking historical, cultural and economic aspects into consideration, which are crucial for trustful, high-quality translation services.

Whenever you need a translation, rely on Fidelity translation agency and its more than 48 years of market experience. Your expectations and satisfaction are guaranteed.

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