How are passports issued?

Learn everything about passports and when it is necessary to have yours translated!


Brazil is one of the most reliable countries in terms of passport authenticity. Casa da Moeda, the agency in charge of issuing coins, bills, medals, stamps, diplomas and passports for Brazil and other countries, has one of the strictest production control systems.

Strictness and quality control reflect the importance of this kind of document – passports are the most commonly used method of personal identification for those transiting from one country to another.

Passport issuing

The Federal Police (PF) is the agency in charge of issuing passports in Brazil. Passports are issued under Federal Police strict control to avoid fraud. Passports are only issued to Brazilians who are in compliance with voting obligations, to men who are in compliance with mandatory military service and, of course, to those who are not legally forbidden to leave the country.

Do you need a passport?

Passport issuing is quite simple. Log in to the Federal Police website and enter your personal data. Create a GRU (Federal Collection Bill) in the amount of BRL 257.25 (price valid for July 2017) and wait for payment confirmation to schedule an appointment at the Federal Police website.


To schedule an appointment, choose one of the Federal Police stations and go there on the schedule date. Take all original documents requested. Passports are usually returned in 7 business days.

emissão de passaporte

Documents necessary for passport issuing

Please find below the documents needed for a Brazilian passport:

  • Identity card;
  • CPF;
  • Marriage Certificate, in case of name change;
  • Voter’s Registration Card and voting receipts or justification receipts or voting fine payment receipts (from two voting occasions in the same election, if any);
  • A document confirming compliance with the mandatory military service – for men only.

For more information, visit the Federal Police website!

When should you have your passport translated?

Did you know it is possible to have your passport translated? A translation may be necessary in immigration processes, marriage, business registration, work visas, contracts and court orders, for example. Passport translation is extremely important, as passports are the main identification document for entry and permanence in a foreign country.

This translation service is known as sworn translation or public translation and should be only provided by a qualified public translator who has passed a public entrance examination. The public translator will validate the document in a foreign language in Brazil and vice-versa. Your passport will only be legally valid after a translation.

Passport translation is a very strict translation process to avoid mistakes and tampering of foreign documents. Therefore, passports should be translated by experts and the translation should be printed in the letterhead of the sworn translator, with standardized layout.

Look for a specialized sworn translator to translate your passport. Fidelity Translations operates in major translation segments and has a team of experts to provide the translation service you need, with flexible deadlines and quality commitment!

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