What is Google Home Hub? How does it work?

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Get to know this new product created by the search engine giant

Google is one of the most popular and successful companies in the world. Initially, it became famous for its high-quality services, but over the years, it has started to launch products such as Google Home Hub, for example.

This solution was launched to reach consumers looking for the best in home automation technology, a growing trend.

Let’s learn more about this product and whether you should invest in it.

What is Google Home Hub?

It is a device designed for smart homes that can control a number of home devices and appliances with its home automation functionalities.

In computing and electronics, “hub” is used as the central part of something. An USB hub, for example, is a device that expands the number of USB ports available; it uses one single port and offers several others for users. This analogy can help you understand the purpose of Google Home Hub.

What is the smart home concept?

Just like home automation, smart homes are usually restricted to people with higher purchasing power. But this started to change in 2015, when Amazon, another technology giant, launched the Echo line, a line of smart products.

Since then, new products have been launched to this end, and Amazon and Google became fierce competitors in this segment. Both companies try to attract users to a smart and integrated environment based on their solutions.

Google already had several connected home products, such as Home Mini, Home and Home Max, which act as smart speakers, as well as Chromecast, a device capable of turning any TV with a HDMI and USB port into a smart TV.

Amazon also has products similar to these. Echo Show is one aspect in which Amazon takes advantage over Google. Echo Show combines the functionality of a smart speaker to a screen, turning it into a kind of tablet for smart homes.

This was a great motivator for Google to launch Google Home Hub, which tends to make both companies even more competitive in this segment, a segment that has become increasing popular.

How does Google Home Hub work?

It is a device that combines the convenience of smart devices with a screen, which is able to make it even more functional and interesting.

Regarding design, the device measures 17.9 cm x 11.8 cm x 6.73 cm, and has a 7″ screen, slightly larger than the screen of large cellphones, which makes it relatively small.

This, however, has nothing to do with the quality of product construction, which is very high and offers the resistance users need in their daily lives, mainly because Google Home Hub is not a tablet or a smartphone that is frequently taken everywhere.

The screen sits on a cradle, making Google Home Hub remind us of a picture frame, though more robust. Its base is available in gray, black, blue and pink, with screen outline only in white, except for an outline on the device that is the same color as its base.

On the back, you can find a power input, volume buttons and another button that mutes the microphone. There is no camera, a decision made by Google to make the device safe, so it can be used in all parts of the house, without impacting user privacy.

There is a light sensor that allows the device to adjust screen brightness according to the light in the environment. This causes it to modify some of its functions, such as temperature of screen light and the image shown, which is changed to a clock in very dark places, such as in a room at night, for example.

In other words, Google Home Hub will know when the lights are off and when it’s bedtime. At this point, blue light emission from the device will be interrupted and the screen will be virtually invisible in order not to bother those who want to sleep.

Device setup is simple and requires installation of the Google Home app. Once it is downloaded, simply add a new device to it and let the technology find it. After a quick pairing task, it is ready for use, and it is up to the user to inform in which room of the house he is located.

Google Home Hub is compatible with at least 5,000 smart devices, and more than 10 devices by Google itself. As for apps, the gadget is compatible with Spotify, Uber, HBO Now, among others, in addition to Google applications such as Music Play, Calendar, Photos, Translator, YouTube, among others.

Google Assistant makes its functions possible, which allows the device to attempt to respond to user’s requests in the best possible way and whenever possible – which happens most of the times – with pictures to support the information being provided.

Site-related responses, for example, can come in the form of maps, contact information, reviews, and descriptions. In the case of films, it brings information about the cast, the plot and so on. For more information, just touch the cards that answer the questions.

All Google Home Hub functions have been adapted to work through voice commands, which makes the experience very useful and intuitive. Even third-party apps work like that, though with features that are naturally reduced compared to those you can see in Google’s own apps.

In addition, one of the main features of the gadget is to centralize home automation. The device can control lamps, cameras, plugs, thermostats, electronic locks and everything else that is compatible with the device.

Google Home Hub can be used in many different ways, and it can be used everywhere – from homes and apartments to a translation company or a digital marketing agency. In this interesting competition among smart device manufacturers, consumers are the winners.

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