Event planning: five professionals that can assist you

Are you planning an event? Learn about the professionals you must have on your list

Event planning is a complex activity. Event planners take care of different things – planning starts way before the date of the event and ends only some days later.

With so many details to look into, you might forget about some of the most important professionals in an event, and when you realize it, you are running out of time.

We have selected the top five professionals that can help you in any event. Your event will be a success and will exceed the expectations of participants and guests – not to mention yours.

Five top professionals for your event

With this list, you will have one less thing to worry about in your event.

1 – Marketing professionals

Successful events require the attendance of guests – no or few guests indicate poor planning. Marketing professionals can help you ensure all seats are taken.

With technical and practical expertise, marketing professionals advertise your event to the correct target audience.

Advertisements can be published on websites, social media, radio, newspapers and specialized magazines, in addition to several other places, always intended to attract people that can be potential guests in your event.

Additionally, marketing professionals can also work in the post-event period, by collecting participants’ information and opinion. This can help improve the next edition of your event.

2 – Security staff

All participants, guests and employees should be safe during the event. This makes having a security staff mandatory.

No matter the time of the event, the topic or the number of guests expected, you must ensure perfectly safe conditions to avoid potential conflicts caused by other people or even by event participants.

The security staff should plan ahead of the event to determine the location of each security guard and how to respond to any occurrences. This will ensure a smooth and successful event.

It is important to point out that the mere presence of a security staff already significantly reduces the chances of problems in the event. Include these professionals in your list.

3 – Hosting staff

You should have a hosting staff to welcome guests and direct them properly. Remember, it’s always a good idea to make a good first impression.

Hosts are responsible for that and their impact gives guests a hint of what to expect during the event. With a polite, kind and effective hosting staff, guests will feel even more important and special.

Hosts also help special needs guests access the venue so that all participants can enjoy the event properly.

After initial hosting services, these professionals are also helpful to answer questions about the venue and assist participants and guests while they are leaving.

4 – Cleaning staff

Most of the events offer food and beverages to provide an even more pleasant experience to everyone. However, a large number of people sharing the same space can lead to broken glasses, spilled food or other incidents of this kind.

The cleaning staff will ensure the place is in perfect conditions before, during and after the event.

Poor cleaning conditions during the event might give guests the idea of lack of planning or carelessness, and this is no good for your event, even if everything else is impeccable.

Maybe the event venue is already perfectly clean, but you never know when something might happen. For this reason, having a cleaning staff is crucial.

5 – Interpreters

Having foreigners commenting on your event is highly positive. This shows event planners were thoughtful enough to include qualified participants from different countries. However, foreigners might not speak Portuguese and this is where interpreters comes in.

These professionals can translate everything lecturers are saying in real time, enabling smooth and effective communication among everyone involved.

Interpreters add value to your event when the topics covered are addressed by foreign experts.

Also, having international lecturers and interpreters in your event attracts a larger number of people and, consequently, increases the chances of event success.

Plan an amazing event!

By partnering with each one of the professionals listed above, you’ll be able to plan an amazing event, with fully satisfied guests. There’s nothing else an event planner could ever want.

Don’t forget to hire the services in advance – from marketing professionals, cleaning staff, hosting staff and security staff to a translation agency that has the best interpreters in its team. By working ahead of time, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and have everything under control.

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