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Learn about the document translation services offered by Fidelity.

There are several translation modalities available, each one with certain characteristics, from scientific papers to websites and apps, which require translation to another language. For this reason, the services of a professional translator are among the top wanted services.

This is reflected by how much the translation market is worth nowadays, approximately USD 46.52 billion, with an expected growth rate of 20.77% for the next three years. This means it will worth USD 56.18 billion in 2021, according to Common Sense Advisory (CSA).

However, several people do not know there are different types of translation, and each type requires a specialized translator so that the best results can be achieved.

Check out the translation services offered by Fidelity and learn about how each one is used. You will know exactly which type to use the next time you need to have something translated.

Which services does a document translator provide?

Basically, they are divided in sworn translation (also known as public translation), technical translation and simple translation (also known as free translation). Their characteristics are the following:

tradutor de documentos

Sworn translation (or public translation)

A sworn translation is used to produce translations with the same legal value of their original counterparts when they have to be submitted to foreign countries.

For example, if you have a school transcript written in Portuguese and you need to submit it to an educational institution in France; you will have to resort to a sworn translation to French so that it is legally valid in France.

This translation is made by a sworn translator – also known as a public translator. Sworn translators in Brazil have passed a public examination held by the Commercial Registry of their state of residence.

This is quite a specific service because in addition to mastering the language pair, a technically qualified professional is needed for this type of service, authorized to grant legal value to the document.

Some of the most commonly translated documents include identity documents (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate), school documents (transcripts, certificates, academic curricula), and legal documents (lawsuits, powers of attorneys, wills).

It is important to mention that translated documents are only legally valid when submitted with their original counterparts.

Technical translation

Technical translations are used to translate technical subjects and, just like sworn translations, a specific professional is required for this type of service.

There are several areas of expertise covered by technical translations, including engineering, medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, marketing, law, architecture, among others. In this type of service, technical translators have to master the language pair, of course, and the area of expertise being addressed.

Some expressions are specific to a certain area, and they may not be clearly understood by those who master the language pair only.

A good example is medicine expressions: Brazilian people who are native Portuguese speakers might not understand the meaning of certain technical terms, despite being in their native language.

Therefore, to find a good technical translator it is crucial that the professional be an expert in the language pair and also in the area of expertise being addressed.

Simple translation (or free translation)

Simple translations (also known as free translations) are used to translate contents with no legal value and that do not belong to any technical subject in particular. Therefore, this is a more practical type of translation.

It can be used to translate websites, email messages, games, apps, literature books, advertisement, movie and TV series subtitling, in addition to a wide number of informal applications.

Being a simpler procedure, theoretically speaking, it is easier to find a translator because a higher number of professionals are familiar with the content to be translated.

The greater availability of translators who are qualified for this type of translation, combined with contents being less complex, makes delivery deadlines generally shorter.

tradutor de documentos

Choose Fidelity and rely on the best document translators

Fidelity has been operating in the translation market since 1970 and today it is Latin America’s largest translation agency, both in terms of years of market experience and top-quality services.

With professionals who are specialized in each service modality, selected based on strict criteria to ensure outstanding performance, the goal of the agency is to exceed customer expectations and, consequently, build a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

No matter the language pair or the type of content you need to have translated, Fidelity’s team can meet all of your needs with good deadlines and unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

If you don’t know which type of translation is right for you, our team is ready to understand your needs and offer the best possible solution.

Now that you are already familiar with the services performed by a document translator, rely on Fidelity and understand why we are Latin America’s largest translation agency.

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