Learn about 5 countries that easily provide visa to Brazilians

Weekly hours. This is a great country for students. They have a much more affordable cost of living compared to other countries, including food and tuition fees.

Bandeira do Brasil


No visa is necessary for courses that last up to three months. Once in the country, the government provides a permanence permit to students for the period of three months provided that all documentation requirements are satisfied.
For courses lasting more than 90 days, applicants must apply for a student visa. The application is submitted in Ireland and is valid for eight months when accepted.
Students with an Irish visa can work up to 20 weekly hours only while taking the course.
Irish people are known around the world for their hospitality, and this is great because it is easier for students to adapt. They are also very fond of Brazilians, especially in the professional sphere.


Brazilians are only required to show their original ID card to enter Argentina. No visa or other documents, not even a passport, are necessary. It is easy, get on the plane and go for it!
However, if your course lasts more than three months, you have to apply for temporary residence. If that is your case, this will be in charge of the institution welcoming the student and the Argentinean Embassy.
Studying in Argentina has several advantages, including a more affordable cost of living compared to other countries. Additionally, it is near Brazil and this can be useful if you have to come back for a few days without having to spend too much money.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, the process is quite similar to Ireland. If the course or visit lasts up to 3 months, Brazilians will not need a visa. However, if your course or visit lasts more than that, you must submit certain documents when you get there to get a tourist visa.
The following documents are required in a tourist visa application: passport, a recent ID-sized photo, admission letter from the school or university, lodging confirmation and medical examination, for students who wish to stay for more than six months, among others. It is important to stress that documents not written in English must be translated by a sworn translator, ensuring their validity in other countries.
Students who also want to work need a student visa and the course should have at least 20 weekly hours and lasts a minimum of 14 weeks. Students can work 20 hours a week while they are taking the course and full-time during their vacation period.

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