Fidelity Translations relies on an incomparable structure in order to develop the simplest to the most complex translation projects in several business areas.
The company is constantly investing in the improvement of its facilities, offering modern technological resources and ensuring the fulfillment of the most stringent market requirements.
All services provided by Fidelity are supported by a management system that ensures effectiveness, reliability and stability of all processes.

Information Technology

Fidelity Translations relies on cutting-edge software and hardware technologies. The offices of the Company communicate exclusively through a private network. Fidelity servers operate in Firewall-protected environments, and all remaining tools ensure data safety and confidentiality.

Sales Team

Fidelity also relies on a trained and highly qualified team of professionals to provide tailored customer service, with quality, safety, knowledge, responsibility and trust.

Desktop Publishing

Comprised of professionals aligned with cutting-edge techniques and software applications, this Department carries out the desktop publishing of technical manuals and other projects with accuracy, ensuring the same format of the original document in several media.


Fidelity relies on the largest team of translators of Latin America. We have more than 150 trained professionals rigorously selected, who are specialized in several areas: law, medicine, chemistry, engineering, finance, marketing, and many others.
Our team of linguists comprehend native speakers, sworn translators, professionals who have degree in language, literature and translation, in addition to translators associated to the ATA (American Translators Association). A work team is set up for each project, in order to guarantee the uniformity of the translation.
Multicultural researches of terminology and evaluations of the cultural aspects of each country are also conducted in order to ensure fluency of the translation in relation to the culture of the country of destination, without losing the originality and clarity of the document.
The entire system allows the provision of customized services, within short term and with excellent quality, according to the context of each business area.

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