Best translation apps when traveling abroad

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Find out which apps you should have on your phone when traveling

Knowing the best translation apps is critical so that you know who you can turn to when traveling internationally, either to a country where you are somehow familiarized with the language, or to country where you know nothing about the language.

In addition to helping you with common activities and situations, such as finding addresses, knowing what to order in a restaurant, and translating signs and information about monuments or historic sites, they are also useful resources in case of an emergency.

Therefore, we’ve selected the best app options for traveling, whether East or West, for work or pleasure, for just a few days or on an exchange program, so you won’t have any problems.

Best translation apps for a successful international trip

According to data from 2019 Braztoa Yearbook, created by the Brazilian Association of Tour Operators, 6.5 million Brazilians travelled in 2018, of which 22.9% (1.5 million) went abroad, a number 23.3% higher than in 2017, when there were 1.2 million tourists traveling outside Brazil.

Therefore, the number of Brazilians traveling to other countries is on the rise and is expected to remain high for a long time, which increases the demand for translation apps. Check out the options below:

Google Translate

Google Translate cannot be left out of the best translation apps list, not only because it is one of the best known and most used app in our daily lives, but also because it is fast, practical and efficient.

At Google I/O 2016, an annual developer conference that takes place in San Francisco, California, it was announced by Google itself that the app translates around 143 billion words per day, out of 100 different languages, meaning it’s more than 1.65 million words per second.

Conventional translation features are already well-known and used on a daily basis, but the app also extends its functionality to traveling, with features that many still don’t know about.

When you open the app, there is an option called “camera”, which appears below the section where text is typed. By selecting it and confirming the dialog box that appears, you can start using instant translation in a very interesting way.

By pointing the camera to any card, menu, map or any other content, you can choose the source language or let it select automatically, and then the texts will be translated in real time on your phone screen.

This is really good for those who don’t know for sure the native language spoken in the place or who don’t want to choose it from the list. That way you will practically have an interpreter in your pocket.

In addition, there is also voice translation, which helps you talk to people from other countries without necessarily having to speak that language.


It may seem odd or even a little funny, but there are other translation app options besides the one offered by Google, such as iTranslate, which is among the leading ones in this industry.

According to the app website, it allows tourists, students, business professionals, employers and medical staff to read, write and speak over 100 languages anywhere in the world.

It deserves a place among the best translation apps for offline translations, option to translate websites, dictionary, verb conjugation and camera use for instant translations, as well as an Apple Watch app, so you can take it on your wrists, literally.

The app offers a free version but with limited features. To enjoy all the features, you must pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.

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The best translation apps do not necessarily have to be translation-only apps. TripLingo makes this very clear with its distinctive features, ideal for those who want to look almost like a native person of the place they are visiting.

The first step is to choose a destination. By selecting France, for example, the app downloads an information pack with voice and image translator, a selection of French phrases and tips on when to say them, and even a Wi-Fi dialer to make calls.

It also has a special section with tips on tipping, safety and cultural norms to ensure you can interact well in the country you are visiting, without having to face any difficulties that could have been avoided.

The selection of sentences is very wide, with items of humor, fun, nightlife, among others, i.e. it offers all the practicality you need. The free version already has some features and phrases, which get expanded with the paid version.

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If you are traveling to China, Japan or South Korea, then Waygo can save your trip in many ways, as many Westerners cannot understand Asian characters because they are very different from the alphabet we use.

Its main feature is camera translation, as well as many of the best translation apps, except that it doesn’t need the Internet to work, which is quite useful for those who didn’t hire local telephone and Internet services.

Anyone who is worried about what to order abroad finds in this app a great feature. It shows photos of the dishes, so travelers know what they are and are able to order according to what they like.

Another good resource is helping with the pronunciation of certain words so that you don’t get confused and end up saying something quite different than you intended. Another great thing is that the app is free.

Get the best apps to help you when traveling.

After obtaining your international visa and getting the paperwork ready, communicating in and understanding the local language are among the main concerns. These concerns can be partially or fully addressed by using one of the above applications.

Features like automatic language detection and camera translation are really useful for those who don’t speak a particular language, but it’s also great to be able to resort to local tips for a funnier and more relaxed trip.

Count on a translation agency to help you with your documents and count on the best translation apps when visiting another country. Regardless of your travel destination, you’ll be able to make the most of it.

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