The benefits of sworn translation

Check out the main benefits of sworn translation and situations where this type of service is required

When faced with the need to have a certain document translated from one language to another, you’ve probably been tempted to use Google Translate or other widely used translation apps.

After all, these apps are good and can do the same job as a professional translator, right?

Wrong – sworn translation services offer benefits that are not always immediately recognized – and that is exactly what we are going to address in this text.

Check out some of the advantages, which are not always taken into account by people:

1 – Confidentiality agreements

Don’t you think it is much safer to work with a sworn translation service that can offer you confidentiality agreements? Google Translate stores everything you require it to translate.

After that, they can use the translation and modify it as they wish. When having legal documents translated, this would be the last thing you wanted to happen.

Hiring an expert is one of the best ways to avoid this type of concern in the future.

2 – Consideration of political and social customs

Machine translation does not take into account the cultural specificities of a given language.

A word-by-word type of translation can do the job temporarily, but this strategy does not take into account the level of understanding professionals can provide when considering political, social and language customs.

The use of machine translation also omits other language nuances, such as tone, for example.

While the English language, for example, tends to be much more casual, other languages ​​are not used that way. This is something a machine cannot understand.

3 – Translation of words with different meanings

Words don’t have the same meaning in all languages and this is something an automatic translation app cannot solve.

If a word or phrase has several meanings and is not carefully examined by a professional, this can lead to serious problems.

If companies are unable to make appropriate adaptations concerning the intended use of a word or phrase, it will destroy their credibility before customers.

Legal and technical texts must be reviewed by a professional translator to ensure that absolutely nothing is lost in the translation.

When do people should use sworn translation services?

There are hundreds of different situations that require reliable and secure document translation services. However, most cases fall into one of the following categories:

Immigration documents

Depending on the chosen immigration route, you are expected to confirm several aspects about yourself for compliance with the immigration requirements of the chosen country.

In general, at a minimum, you will need to prove your identity, your current citizenship status, your medical history and your criminal record. All of this information is usually supported by translated documents.

If you are moving to a country that speaks a different language than yours, some or all of these records – or at least their synthesized versions – will have to be translated before they can be reviewed and accepted (or rejected).

Using sworn translation allows immigration officials to accept these documents more quickly and more confidently because of their accuracy, greatly expediting the process.

Registration at a foreign school or university

Many universities, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe, have more applicants than seats available – and competition can be fierce.

To reduce the number of applicants to a manageable number and ensure their staff focuses on applicants that are most fit for the position, many universities set remarkably high standards for application documents.

A common requirement includes submitting good academic records that should be also translated into the country’s official language by a reputable translation agency.

Since many of these universities and schools are, to some extent, publicly funded, they also have to be able to prove the status of all their students to local and national governments, should such support be challenged.

Therefore, these institutions have one more reason to insist on reliable and certified translations for all their students’ records and enrollment documents.

Obtaining licenses and certifications

Many public and commercial activities, ranging from driving a car to working in a store, for example, require some type of license or certification.

Some certifications require proof that minimum safety training has been completed, but others require more detailed records and evidence of past training, good conduct, or both.

If you were born or spent a lot of time in a country that uses an official language other than the one in which you are seeking a license or certification, you will need to have your documents translated so they can be reviewed by the officials in charge.

Using a sworn translation service helps them trust the translations more fully, which can help you get your certification or license more easily and in a shorter period of time.

International business transactions

International business and financing are quite common today. However, a language barrier can still slow down or hinder progress.

Especially if you are working with people or organizations for the first time, using a reliable and reputable translation service can make the process faster, easier and more enjoyable for all stakeholders.


International disputes arise in international business. If it is decided that a case should be heard in a country other than that in which some or all of the relevant facts originated, evidence of those facts must be translated into the official language of the country in which the competent court is located to judge the case.

Standards vary from country to country – or even from court to court within countries. However, in general, a court is more likely to accept translated evidence if it relies on the accuracy and reliability of the translation.

For this reason, many people choose to rely on sworn translation services to translate their documents and evidence.

The truth is that people and businesses can benefit immensely from a reliable sworn translation service, where highly-qualified translators can effectively handle different types of translations.

So remember: when you need this type of service, count on Fidelity.

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