What are the benefits of free translation?

Find out some of the benefits of free translation and check how it can be useful for you

It’s never too much to emphasize the importance of properly addressing two different languages during translation.

The target language must always clearly express the contents of the original document. Two types of translation can be chosen: sworn translation and free translation.

Sworn translation is usually used for official documents, while free translation is used for articles and other content that do not need legal validation and that can be easily accepted by readers.

Today, this article will focus on the second modality. We will talk about the benefits of free translation and when it can be useful.

What is free translation?

Sometimes known as “creative translation”, this type of service is a form of translation that doesn’t necessarily pay that much attention to detail, while excluding or adding content to the original text to preserve the overall meaning for fluency and naturality.

Free translation requires that translators be creative and have extensive knowledge of the cultures of the source and target languages.

This type of translation is commonly used in marketing, advertising and, sometimes, even in literature.

The allies of free translation

One of the main allies in disseminating free translation, online translators are interactive programs on a web page that offer text translations.

Translation is generated by a computer and displayed instantly. And what’s even better, it’s free.

Behind these online applications, a software program analyzes the text according to predefined language rules and rewrites it in a different language according to the corresponding rules of the source language.

Unlike an online dictionary, which translates only one word or phrase, an online translator can translate larger texts, segments or even entire web pages.

Some of these online translators are better than others, but they all have one thing in common: they definitely don’t produce a perfect translation.

You can easily check this by typing a small text, translating it into a different language and then translating it back to the original language. You will see that some words have been translated incorrectly and that sentence structure is no longer correct.

When should you use free translation?

You must use free translation when you want to translate a text written in a foreign language into your native language or vice versa.

Imagine you are doing some research on the Internet and you come across a web page written in a language that you are not familiar with. You can improvise and ask a bilingual friend for help or use an application, for example.

You simply copy and paste the text (or type in the URL if the online translator can translate entire web pages) and choose which language you want the text to be translated into – and there you have it.

Translation will not be perfect, but at least you will be able to understand what the text is about.

An online translator can also be used when you want to translate short, simple sentences from one language to another.

Benefits of free translation

Free translation services have helped eliminate the language barriers created by globalization.

Even though English has become a universally recognized language in global communication, in international business and the media, the importance of translation as a means to reach a wider audience is still crucial.

For small businesses and online publications with smaller budgets, this type of solution is usually a feasible alternative to your translation demands.

In addition, in an attempt to improve their Internet experience, users often turn to automated online translators when viewing content on foreign websites. This gives them access to information that they would not be able to understand otherwise and, for people who are not fluent in English, it is a great advantage.

However, the benefits of free translation do not end there. The phenomenal speed and intuitive design of web-based translation applications allow an entire web page to be translated, giving Internet users instant access to the content of a foreign website.

Individuals who want agility and user-friendliness or who don’t want to purchase specific translation software or services will be fully satisfied with the results provided by free translation solutions.

When is free translation not a good option?

Although people usually use applications or ask a bilingual friend for help to enjoy the benefits of free translation, free translation is not recommended if the document in question will be used in some type of official communication.

Bilingual friends may overestimate their skills, not show their weaknesses and try to translate your text. This may produce a text that conveys the wrong message.

Being helpful is not a bad thing and having your text translated by a layperson is better than not having it translated at all, especially if you need it immediately. However, not using a professional translator can have profound consequences.

Changes in the intended meaning, and omissions and exclusions, for example, lead to inaccurate information. If you need to have your text translated for business purposes, it could lead to a misrepresentation of your brand, causing considerable damage to your business and to the existence of solid business relationships.

Poor translations can lead to reduced reliability and the loss of customers, business partners, and company revenue.

When you need translation services, one of the things you should ask yourself is: is it worth saving money on a non-professional translator for my business, whether it is a  legal, medical or manufacturing business?

If the answer is no, you should look for a professional translator or a translation agency to translate your documents and texts.

In this case, count on Fidelity for any type of sworn translation and professional free translation. We are translation experts and will be happy to discuss your needs.

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