Are you planning to apply for Science without Borders or to study abroad?

Learn about the necessary documents and have sworn translation services as your ally.

Boosting your career without resorting to sworn translation services is nearly impossible: having your academic transcripts and diploma officially translated is indispensable when you want to study abroad. If this is the time to think about your future, have something different to offer and invest in your education, it is also necessary to learn about the necessary documentation to meet the requirements of your application and ensure your sit. After all, studying abroad will help you land your dream job when you get back to Brazil or you can even have to chance to settle down in a foreign country.

Some programs, like Science without Borders, encourage young people to have new experiences and broaden their knowledge outside Brazil. These programs are scholarship programs offered by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) that bet on the competence of young Brazilians. Additionally, universities abroad are also opening their classrooms to Brazilian students, especially those showing outstanding performance.

Whichever the opportunity you want to take, programs abroad require several documents which, in turn, need to be translated by a sworn translator so that you can be part of the process. Learn more about the necessary documents and find information about these opportunities.

Science without Borders

You will need to have your academic transcript translated in addition to the scoring system used in your university to confirm your average grades and program achievement. Attention: only sworn translators are qualified to make this type of translation. Sworn translations are registered with the Commercial Board of their state of residence and they are the only translators authorized to make sworn translations.

Find a sworn translation at the Commercial Board, but a better option would be contacting a specialized translation agency with sound market experience to avoid any problems, including deadline issues. Anyway, don’t leave things to the last minute.

Check out registration dates: the National Board of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) or the universities open public registration dates for undergraduate scholarship applicants and in a separate date for graduate and research scholarship applicants. The program will offer 101,000 scholarships in four years, and in addition to taking Brazilian students abroad, it also brings foreigner students to Brazil. In any case, sworn translations are required for all necessary documents. Find more information at Science without Borders website.

Uncle Sam wants you there

What if you could practice English while studying in a North American university? However, you should have a good level of English proficiency because universities require English proficiency and being able to afford university education is not enough. Uncle Sam wants you there, but you must show you can handle it.

You should prepare for the selection process with one year in advance because the world’s best universities, like Harvard, Yale and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), want more than your academic performance, they want to know what you can offer to the environment you live in. Students go through an extracurricular assessment, including personal achievements, even if you are a research applicant only.

In addition to English proficiency tests, students also take standardized exams (SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test – or ACT – Admission College Test – for undergraduate education and GRE – Graduate Record Examination – or GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test – for graduate education), assays, presentation texts and interviews. Everything is done in English, both the spoken and the written parts. Another important aspect of the process is having your academic transcript, cover letter, and professional and academic resume translated by a sworn translator.

There is no perfect applicant simply because there is no right answer for a smooth application process. Students must be result-oriented and dedicated. Extracurricular activities are also desired, including sports, Olympics, volunteer work, music, anything showing you are willing to achieve your goals and that you have vision and engagement.
Prepare yourself in advance and be ready! Don’t forget your sworn translations because your documents won’t be valid abroad unless they are translated and your dream education abroad depends on that.

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