Translation in advertising: understand the importance of this service

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This service is key to maintaining business professionalism and credibility.

Advertising is everything. According to a Brazilian popular saying, in business, it’s compared to a person’s soul. Although the origin of this popular saying isn’t known, its message is clearly true. That’s why translation for advertising is so important.

When faced with the need to have contents translated for advertising, we don’t always remember to hire a specialized agency. We tend to believe machine translation would be able to offer a suitable solution, and this is a major misconception.

We will address this subject in more detail and clarify why translation in advertising should be done by specialized and experienced agencies.

What is translation for advertising?

It is the use of translation services for advertising purposes, whether for Internet advertisements, television commercials, newspaper and magazine advertising, billboard production or any other media.

Although there is no specific data on the values turned over by this market segment, an estimate from Common Sense Advisory (CSA) reported that the translation service market is expected to turn over US$ 56.18 billion by 2021.

What we do have is an estimate of the advertising market, which should turn over US$ 563.02 billion worldwide by 2019, according to Statista portal. This represents a 4.6% growth compared to last year.

When combining these high figures with market growth and globalization, which can be observed worldwide, investments in translation for advertising can be expected to increase as well.

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Why is it important to invest in translation for advertising?

Because investments in advertising are made precisely to enable a company to be more successful, whether it is to promote the brand or establish good reputation in the market, and any mistake could put these goals at risk.

Some of the main reasons are as follows:

Adaptation to local culture

Unfortunately, translation errors are more common than you might think when the service is not done correctly, and this is not just related to translating words and phrases from one language to another.

For a better understanding, it is worth thinking about the strategy adopted by a company that wants to start operating in a particular country. It needs to adapt to the culture of that place so that acceptance of its products and services is positive.

There are several options of soft drinks in different countries, for example, some unique to certain regions, but even in places where flavors are the same, characteristics may differ. An orange soda in Brazil will not always match the orange soda offered in the United States.

Global fast food chains offer different menus in each country, according to the market where they operate, because they know it is necessary to consider the eating habits and preferences of that place so that the target public becomes interested in consuming the products.

These are just a few examples that show the advertising market needs to adapt to the culture of the country for positive results. For this reason, it is very important to count on translation services for advertising.

Professionalism in translation

While technology is constantly evolving, with machine translation offering suitable solutions for personal, sporadic, and informal needs, this doesn’t apply to advertising. Advertising materials, when translated incorrectly, can lead to negative results.

A classic example is HSBC Bank that used the slogan “assume nothing”. The slogan was intended to show that customers did not have to presume or assume anything thanks to the sound structure and credibility of the bank.

However, mistakenly, the slogan was translated to “do nothing” in some countries, quite the opposite of what they wanted to convey.

Literality is one of the main problems of machine translation. Although this technology has evolved a great deal, it can’t understand nuances the same way humans can, especially because nuances don’t depend solely on language, but also on cultural aspects, as we have seen before.

This is a classic example of how you need to use professional translation services for advertising, provided by a reliable agency. The bank could certainly have avoid that mistake.

In addition, specialized agencies offer good support to their clients, who can ask questions and know about the progress of a translation service whenever they need.

Cost-effective investment

The potential for profitability of an effective advertising campaign is enormous. Advertising can help a business earn tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars. By contrast, mistakes can be just as harmful.

In the previous example of HSBC, the bank must have suffered considerable losses. Although it didn’t suffer direct financial losses, repercussion was negative and totally contrary to what they had originally planned.

According to an old saying, you get what you pay for. There is no point in wanting to save money on translation and, as a result, get insufficient return considering the size and quality of the business.

You need to pay for professional translation services in advertising, of course, but when you choose a reliable and respected agency, your investment is fully converted into benefits and you get high-quality advertising materials.

The value of translation in advertising goes beyond economic value

Companies know that their marketing strategies should address their target public. This requires professional translation services, so that each action is as effective as possible with each target audience.
So when you need to advertise in another language, whatever the media, always turn to a professional and experienced translation agency. With a renowned translation agency, translation in advertising can meet all your expectations and will help boost your business.

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