9 steps to a perfect translation

When you hire a translation service, you expect quality, a translation that is faithful to the original document, to be delivered in the agreed deadline. However, people don’t usually know that a quality translation is strongly linked to the quality of the original document provided and to customer’s expectations being clarified. Additionally, choosing the right professional is fundamental. Your translator should have proven market experience, be a competent translation agency or a self-employed translator, and have good referrals. Everyone involved should fulfill their duties to ensure the best possible result.

Follow the steps below when hiring a translation service:

Forget the amateurs

Sound experience and professionalism are key elements because no one wants a careless service. Forget the amateurs and look for agencies that have been operating for a long time, that have a good customer portfolio and that show proven expertise. Visiting the agency website and office, and getting to know the team and some of the services provided to other customers are great ideas.

Do not choose your translation agency based on pricing

Request for a detailed quotation. Several companies offer online quotations and you can quickly learn how much your translation service will cost. Compare translation prices, but also take service cost-effectiveness into consideration. Remember that you get what you pay for – especially if you have to send your translated text to be reviewed by another, more competent professional.

Ask for the service contract and your invoice

Always ask for a service contract to be drafted. Therefore, you will not only have a formal agreement, but also a description of all service specifications, fees, delivery deadline, etc. Don’t forget to ask for your invoice. This document confirms the agency is legally incorporated.

All interpretation services from a single provider

Some arrangements are necessary if you need an interpretation service for an event. Choose a venue where the interpreter’s cabin can be located close to the presentation location, the stage or the pulpit. Visual contact between the interpreter and the lecturer is extremely important for an effective interpretation. Also choose a company that is able to provide you with technical support, such as interpreting equipment. By hiring services from one single provider you save time and avoid nuisances.

Check the original document

Provide the translator with a complete and organized document. Unless it is a very old document, which does not have a legible or restored copy, try to provide the translator with the best document you can have. Read it carefully to detect any mistakes, check if the files are complete, check whether there are missing pages or paragraphs, and if the text is legible (when hand-written). For electronic documents, check whether the agency has the necessary software to open them.

Provide all necessary information

Talk to the translator and explain your expectations, the purpose of the translation, the level of faithfulness to foreign expressions or whether you prefer that an adaptation is made in case of a free translation. These are key to ensure the translator provides his/her best service. Whenever possible, provide the translator with sources and glossaries to help him/her understand the text more clearly in case of technical documents with specific jargons.

Remember to agree a reasonable deadline for your translation according to the level of difficulty of your document. Be realistic about deadlines – plan your translation in advance.

Provide support materials

Ask the lecturer to provide the interpreter with support materials in advance so that he/she is able to review the content of the lecture.
By following the steps above, regardless of the type of translation service, you will ensure the best possible result aligned to your expectations. Always hire agencies with good market reputation, sound experience and a highly diversified and specialized team of translators and interpreters.

Fidelity Translations

Fidelity Translations is a pioneer translation agency in Brazil and is committed to service excellence. For this reason, Fidelity has a team of translators who are experts in several different fields to offer high-quality translations. Check out some of the languages we translate.

Fidelity provides translation services in major languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Research, consult with translators, be sure your translation service.
    is in the hands of a deeply specialized company.

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