7 reasons to choose to translate legal documents

Check out some reasons to rely on legal document translation services.

So you have a legal document in another language. If your plan is to simply access Google and type in the content on a translation website, think again. 

Legal documents are certainly not something you want write poorly. A small mistake can be very expensive and undoing such a mistake will waste time, money and can even be detrimental to the parties involved.

When it comes to translating legal documents, don’t take any risks. The best option to ensure accuracy when translating your document is to hire a specialized translation service.

Yes, there is more effort and money involved than simply using a machine translation, but believe us: it is the best way forward.

If you’re not entirely convinced, read this article to find out seven reasons why you need a legal document translation service.

1 – Machine translation is not as accurate

Computers are getting increasingly more sophisticated, but there is still a long way to go when it comes to accurately translating documents.

In fact, Google Translate has received major updates in recent years and is getting better and better; however, the program is still struggling to capture things like nuances, languages, expressions and innuendo.

Perhaps it will be 100% accurante in the future, but for now you should turn to a professional who knows all the subtleties and complexities of the two languages to be worked on.

2 – Complex terminology and vocabulary

Google Translate can help with a high school student’s Spanish lesson, for example, but legal documents are indeed much more complex than that.

In addition to language nuances, the legal documents are full of words unknown to the general public, in addition to having a tricky technical vocabulary.

These words are often very difficult for a computer to translate accurately. Not to mention that the machine translation can translate differently depending on the region.

3 – Your friend is good, but probably not that good

So you have a bilingual friend who is always praised for how great his/her accent is every time you see him/her talking to a native speaker.

Even if your friend has spoken this second language for decades, it is not advisable to use him/her as your legal translator.

Although he/she probably knows all the slang and nuances of conversation, legal terminology probably does not appear in his/her daily conversations. There is a good chance that he/she will have problems with such a complex and detailed language.

Plus, speaking a language and reading a language are two different things. Many people speak another language fluently, but can only read it at elementary level and vice versa.

Plus, what if your friend makes a mistake or misses the deadline? Who must be held responsible in this case?

To avoid a potentially harmful situation, hiring a legal document translation service is your best option.

4 – May be required by the court

Depending on your jurisdiction, some courts may actually require your documents to be certified and authenticated by a translation professional.

So, don’t leave this to chance. Avoid the hassle of having to repeat processes and choose a professional legal document translation service from the beginning.

5 – Protects you from negligence

Being in a negligence lawsuit is absolutely no fun, no doubt about it.

A legal malpractice lawsuit can be extremely expensive. Such lawsuits are time and resource-consuming. In addition, they can be embarrassing and potentially damaging to your reputation.

If something is wrong with your translation, there is certainly a chance that you will be held responsible for it.

Hiring a quality legal document translation service eliminates this problem and will certainly bring you some peace of mind during the process.

6 – The judges consider it more credible

If your legal process involves a jury, a legal document that has been professionally translated can help to validate or dismiss your case.

This is because everything that is considered professional or reliable always has more weight in the jury’s mind.

Just think about it: what looks better among the options below?

A page you printed from Google or a document authenticated and made by a renowned professional?

In addition, your professional translator can be helpful if the other company has an incorrect translation. This can mean a lot if your professional detects such an error.

7 – Provide personal support

Think of situations where you have a question about a product or service you use.

When you contact customer service, are you happy to be served by an automated machine instead of by a human being?

Usually no. This is because machines can only go so far when it comes to answering our questions.

Use this same concept to your legal documents. If you have questions about a part of the translation, a professional translator will be able to answer them completely, accurately and with words that you understand.

A quality legal document translation service not only does the basic translation work. It provides you with assistance throughout the process in case of problems or questions about the documents.

Seek experts in legal document translation

Hopefully, these seven reasons have already convinced you that hiring a professional to translate your legal documents is the right way to go.

However, not all legal document translators are created equal. To make sure your documents are not lost in translation, check the following: 

  • Make sure your translator is a native speaker of the target language, not the source language;
  • Make sure your translator has a professional certification;
  • Check the translation services company’s credentials and experience;
  • Make sure that the translation company has experience in your specific industry.

Get information on the current rates for your type of legal sworn translation project, either by searching the internet or requesting multiple price quotes.

This may seem like a lengthy process, but believe us: it is much easier than dealing with the negative repercussions of an incorrect legal translation.

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