4 tips to help you spot mistakes in your translated document!

A person requesting a translation can have many questions, especially if he/she is not familiarized with the language in question.

When receiving a document translated from a language you are not familiarized with, how can you be sure the content is right? It is difficult, but some techniques can help boost document credibility. When you request a translation, you expect a well-done job in return. However, translation mistakes can happen for different reasons, including a translator who does not understand the subject in question, no text proof-reading because of a short deadline or typos and formatting problems.

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The best way to avoid incorrect translations is choosing a quality translation company.

Choose a company that has been operating in the market for years, that has been referred by friends and that effectively communicates the price and necessary deadline for the service only after a review of the document.

Nevertheless, after receiving your translation, review it to check whether it is in accordance with your expectations based on the tips below. If you note a problem, report it as soon as possible so that the translation company can request a correction.


You must have an idea of the document content before sending it for translation. You will probably know what the document addresses if you are directly involved in the matter.
If you need to delegate the tasks of finding a translation company, requesting a price estimate and submitting the document to another person, make sure you explain the purpose of the document. If you will act as an intermediate for the service, ask who is requesting the document and what the document is about.

Thus, when receiving the translation you will be able to check whether it corresponds to what you expected.


If you have questions about the translation, show it to a friend that understands the document language. This person will compare the original document and the translation to check whether they address the same content in both languages.

If your friend has enough time, you should ask him/her to read the whole document to spot any mistakes. A poorly translated document can be a burden for your reports, your scholarship application or your foreign citizenship, for example.


You don’t need to understand the language in detail to know some random words, especially if these words are part of your daily routine.
However, technical translators should be deeply familiarized with the segment to which the translated text will be submitted. Sometimes, the general public may not be familiarized with a certain subject, but specific experts will surely understand the content.

Compare both document versions to spot other words you may be familiarized with and check if they were translated correctly.


In audio translation, errors can occur if the speaker has a difficult to understand pronunciation. This is one of the most common mistakes in movie and series subtitling.
The oral language also has several particularities that make understanding by non-native speakers more difficult, even for a professional translator.

Subtitling mistakes can also occur due to the use of translation software solutions. These can help in translation, but are not always suitable for an error-free text.
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