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What is it?

At the institutional and corporate level, compliance is a set of rules intended to help everyone comply with, and enforce, legal and regulatory standards, and policies and guidelines established for the business and the institution or company, as well as to avoid, detect, and address any potential deviations or non-conformities.


– Help businesses operate according to standards and models of conduct and practices that preserve ethics and integrity;

– Protect the company’s reputation, prevent the occurrence of internal or external fraud, and avoid regulatory, legal, and other penalties by the company;

– Support the organization with regard to local regulations, as well as sector-specific policies and standards, seeking to maintain the highest ethical standards;

– Prevent the company from promoting corruption or violating free competition rules, whether directly or indirectly, in all its areas and levels of activity.

Whistleblowing Channel

This is a secure channel of communication with Fidelity, where you can send complaints about acts or actions that are in disagreement with our principles and with the Code of Conduct of our Business Group or that violate the current legislation.

By completing the form with as much information as possible and reporting the incident in good faith, you will be helping the Compliance Team in the investigation process. Fidelity is committed to maintaining secrecy, and acting seriously and with caution concerning any reports of violation to the ethical guidelines contained in the Code of Conduct of our Business Group or the current legislation. Also, it undertakes to investigate the fact reported and shall not retaliate or use any coercive measures against the employee or third party who reported in good faith.

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