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Where to perform a sworn translation

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If you want to know where to carry out a sworn translation, you are in the right place!
If a trip, a course and even a job outside Brazil arises, do you know what your priorities are so that everything goes well?

I bet that frequently asked questions like ticket prices, accommodation and things like that are questions you should ask yourself. However, there is another factor that should be a priority before you make the decision to leave the country, which is the sworn translation.

But what is a sworn translation?

It is a type of translation that has public faith, that is, it is legal and validated by the Law created by the State government itself. This is the translation of essential documents for any citizen such as birth, death, marriage, CNH, etc. These documents need to be up to date if you want to travel abroad.

For this there are public translators, who are qualified and trained professionals with the title of public translator and commercial interpreter. For this, they must be approved in a public contest and have their registrations in the commercial registry of the state where they live. If these documents are not translated by a qualified professional who presents the necessary records, your documents will have no value before the Union of States.

Now that you know what it is, where can you carry out a sworn translation?

When we talk about personal documents, we need seriousness and commitment. Many times great opportunities arise in our lives and we are not prepared to embrace them.

For this, it values ​​a service of quality, excellence, responsibility and fidelity.
Choose a translation services company that has highly qualified professionals and offers agility, commitment and security.

Fidelity guarantees all this for you!

Being the largest team of translators in Latin America since 1970, Fidelity has more than 150 highly qualified translators specializing in different areas, providing personalized and quality service for its clients, in addition to having international recognition in the services provided.

They are Sworn Translations, Technical Translations, Simple Translations, Document Translations and Version Translation.

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What to consider when choosing a translation company

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We need to understand that any type of translation, whether sworn, simple or technical, is important that it be done with full attention, quality and professionalism. This service is not just about changing one language to another. But, do you know what to consider when choosing a translation company? We will present you with some fundamental points to help you in your choice!

It is necessary for the professional translator to have technical, cultural and grammatical knowledge, making the document understood as if it were naturally written in that language.

Due to internationalization, companies are increasingly turning to companies with translation services, as they want to offer their products and services in other countries.
Presenting a quality translation shows that your company has professionalism and respect, opening doors and building bridges to all parts of the world.

Check out what you should consider when choosing a translation company:


Always look for references and recommendations on the internet. See the opinion and feedback of other customers of that company.


In the portfolio you will find fundamental information for you to have an insight into the history of the company. Check if it will meet your needs.


First, understand what your real need is. Do you only seek transactions with one country or will it be multiple countries? Research the number of languages ​​the translation company works with. In this way, you will be able to serve customers of different nationalities.


Know the quality of the professionals who work in the company. Check if they are certified by renowned institutions, if they have experience and experience in translations. It is essential that professionals have technical knowledge in their areas of work. This builds loyalty and produces a faithful translation of the original contents.


The company needs to work rigorously in the quality process. This requires reviewing and editing the content in question. In case of failures, professionals must be available to apply the necessary corrections. This, within a stipulated time.


Look for companies that have personalized service in all media. Responding promptly to requests and clearing all customer doubts is essential for the success of a good relationship between the company and the customer.

Translations are critical to the success of your business, your company and your personal life. One failure and you could miss out on amazing opportunities, as well as tarnish your credibility and your brand.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you pay close attention when choosing a translation company. But do not worry! We have the best recommendation for you!

Fidelity offers all these requirements and more!

Pioneer as the largest translation company in Latin America, there are more than 150 highly qualified translators with specializations in different areas, ready to meet your needs.

They are Sworn Translations, Technical Translations, Simple Translations, Document Translations and Version Translation. We offer solutions for every challenge you may face! We are here to help you with quality, agility, professionalism and excellence in translations!

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When to choose a translation from the native language of the country or in English?

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Take a look at what to consider when choosing the target language during the language translation process

In a world where English is everywhere, is translation to native languages still important? Is it really necessary?

English is the third most spoken language in terms of native speakers, with at least 379 million people. However, if you count people who speak it as a second language, it is the most popular language in the world.

So why do you need to consider whether the language translation should be in English or in the native language? Here are some factors for you to assess when making a decision.

People prefer their native language

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, but only if you take into account second language speakers – and that’s the heart of the matter. Almost without exception, people respond better to the language they speak when they grow up.

To effectively sell to people, it is not enough to speak a language that they understand, especially if understanding is limited. You must speak to them in the language that their hearts speak.

Dale Carnegie, author of the book “How to make friends and influence people”, may have been right when he said that “a person’s name is for that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”, but the next sweetest sound is your native language. Babies from 5 months of age demonstrate to recognize and prefer it.

Adults also prefer it. Studies show that customers prefer to buy products in their native language.

English can achieve a higher audience

On the other hand, if you want your company to reach more people or attract organizations worldwide, English translation can help communicate your brand, purpose and goals to others.

Because it is considered the universal language of today, your documents will have a good chance of being understood by a wider range of people.

This symbolizes greater chances of conquering new international opportunities.

To illustrate, we can list five main sectors that could benefit the most from English translation services:

This means that, for these segments, English may be one of the best options when choosing a target language.

Fortunately for those operating in these industries, Fidelity can help. We can provide translations in many sectors and in several languages. If you want to reach a wider audience, language translation services are a step in the right direction.

Prioritize mutual understanding

When choosing between English or the native language of a country, always choose the option capable of generating more clarity for the people who will consume the content.

When working horizontally in one sector, but in a different language, translation can help. Even though it is a different language, many context-specific themes and jargon are still used, you just need to find that common word that creates mutual understanding. 

Professional translation is key

After making your decision for the target language, it is still essential to make sure that the service is performed satisfactorily.

Although you may have a number of free solutions, you will never get the same translation quality as when using professional language translation services.  

While many of these automated services can accurately translate a word or even a complete sentence, they cannot translate the right context or specific meaning. 

Professional translation comes with a translator who is experienced in the language and also the culture, and in turn, is able to provide you with a dynamic, content-rich, quality and accurate document.

What is a good translation?

To choose the right translators, you must already have an understanding of what is considered a “good translation”. Pay attention to the following items when assessing a quality translation:

1. Fidelity to the original text:

2. Mastery of language rules:

3. Formatting of document pages:

4. Organization:

Getting the choice right is paramount

As already shown, there is no single answer. Choosing between English or the local language is a decision that must take into account several external factors, as well as the company’s internal objectives.

Considering the diversity of types of text, cultures, ethnicities, vernaculars and specializations, both among translators and clients, it is essential that you are flexible and devote time and effort to assess which options can offer the most positive return.

Remember that context must be the key factor in determining the choice between the native language of the place or English.

Also, don’t forget to have qualified partners to perform this work.

The quality of the translation, its fluency and acceptability in the target language depends mainly on the individual skills still undetermined by a specific translator, in addition to his/her translation strategy and knowledge of the source and target cultures.

Therefore, when you need a specialized translation services company, Fidelity Translations is your trusted partner. We will be happy to serve you.

Contact our team of experts and find out the most appropriate solution for your curreent needs.