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Should we trust machine translation?

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Machine translation can work out in some rare cases. But you should seek for the services of an expert if you want positive results!

Internet is out there to show us anyone can be what they want to be, any time. You can even turn out to be a bilingual person on social networks!

But be careful! Machine translation can work out in some rare cases, as in a simple Facebook post or in a random sentence describing a picture.

But does it really work? Machine translation can work out in terms of convenience, but it can be very dangerous when you need positive, specific results.

The most common machine translation tool is Google Translator. With simple Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V commands you can have a whole text translated at a glance.

Google feeds its machine translation tool with information on translations that have already been done and uses algorithms to select the best options, which could even be correct, but are not always accurate.

Machine translation can be effective in your daily routine, for simple translations where you want to know the meaning of a word, for example.

However, a text translated by a machine should only be used for general, basic understanding and you should bear in mind it is not 100% effective.

Machine translation can misrepresent meanings and affect the quality of your final text, i.e. you can have a wrong idea of what is being said and this can negatively impact your understanding of the final text.

Tradução Automática

Muitas vezes você pode se confundir com a tradução automática e prejudicar a qualidade final do que você deseja entender.

Google shows us we can have it all with only one click.

Google Chrome lets you translate a whole webpage even if you have had no contact whatsoever with that language.
This is great because it facilitates quick and basic communication, especially for daily tasks.

Machine translation is also used by people who clearly understand the language but do not know a specific word.

This is completely normal and acceptable provided that it is not a translation requiring technical terminology and specific jargon that only a professional translator, with sound experience and excellent language skills, would be able to offer.

Machine translation or translation agency?

Machine translation works when used to translate random words or to solve simple linguistic issues. It does not work for complex, specific and detailed translations. For example, it does not work with documents, manuals, and technical terminology.

In this case, always choose specialized professionals that can be found in good translation agencies.

We have already mentioned here in the Blog the challenges of false translations. The time necessary for document translation and the money spent are used to show you how these two elements directly impact the quality of translation.

A importância dos tradutores profissionais e os perigos da tradução automática!

Um profissional qualificado em diferentes línguas para a tradução de documentos, é de extrema importância para a melhor compreensão do documento a ser traduzido!

A qualified translator is key for good translation understanding.

The understanding of complex information will certainly be compromised when free machine translation tools are used in a non-professional way.

Time and gratuity cannot ensure reliability. In this case, you should seek for a professional translator.
Professional translators follow strict quality standards and fully master the pair of languages involved in translation.

They can ensure adequate terminology according to the needs of each text. They are sought for different reasons, including for free translations, technical translations or sworn translations. Sworn translations, for example, are intended to validate documents written in foreign language in Brazil and vice-versa, and require a specific translator (public translator). No machine translation is possible in this case.

High-level translations require highly-qualified professionals who can be found in good translation agencies, which will refer the best professionals according to your needs.

At Fidelity Translations you will find professionals who are ready to meet your needs by providing sworn and free translation services in different language pairs.

We have competent professionals who provide customized services with extensive technical and linguistic expertise in different fields of action.