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45 years translating efficiency.
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It all started 45 years ago as a family business and it has emerged as a leader in the translation segment thanks to extraordinary professionals and a never ending investment in technologies.

For over three decades, Fidelity Translations has been committed to setting the highest standards for quality and client service in the translation industry. In keeping with that commitment, we became a member of the American Translators Association (ATA)

Our goal is to ensure that we continue delivering the same quality product that has made us an industry pioneer and leader since 1970.

TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCURACY and FIDELITY; every single day we translate these words into actions creating local solutions for any type of translation our clients need.

Translation company for 45 years translating efficiently. Certified translators in Miami, South Florida, USA

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    “What I have to say about Fidelity:
    I really enjoy working with you, as I have great confidence in the work developed, I like the opening in relation to new negotiations, and the service is great, in addition to the commitment to the company.”

    Bristol-Myers Squibb
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    “I have been working with Fidelity Translations since 1998. The trust I have in this company came with the course of these years as an integral part of our highly confidential documents are delivered to the government agencies of several Latin American countries where we operate.”

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